Selecting the Right Emollient Ester

November 4, 2011 | Contact Author | By: Patrick Obukowho and Barbara Woldin, Croda Inc.
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Keywords: emollient ester | pigments | pigment wetting | suspension viscosity | agglomerate | wax solvency

Abstract: Formulating tips and representative formulas are presented to help the formulating chemist select the appropriate emollient esters for use as pigment wetting agents in various types of makeup systems, such as foundations and lipsticks.

Emollient esters are classic ingredients. Cosmetic chemists have been using them for years to enhance the feel properties and conditioning benefits of personal-care products, particularly those of leave-on skin-care creams or lotions and makeup.

Collectively, esters represent a large and diverse group of compounds that vary widely in terms of their emollience, functionality and applications. Given the level of technology driving today's skin care market, it is essential that the choice of ester—whether acting as an emollient, delivery vehicle or solvent—be one that matches form to function and contributes to the performance of the final product.