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A Melanin Derivative to Shield the Skin from High Energy Visible Light

High energy visible (HEV) light recently has been suspected of causing as much damage as UVA and UVB combined. Thus, the present paper describes a fractionated melanin tailored to absorb light in the visibile 400–500 nm range. In addition, because the material exhibits color, the authors focus on formulation techniques to incorporate it into semi-solid formulations.

Au Naturale Nanoparticle Sun Protection

In 1876, Charles Darwin observed the secretion of yellow matter from the rootlets of ivy. Little was known about the material until 2008, when Mingjun Zhang, PhD, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Tennessee, and his research team found nanoparticles in the yellow matter.

Silicon Microspheres as UV, Visible and Infrared Filters for Cosmetics

Silicon microspheres are described as UV, visible and infrared (IR) radiation filters. Parameters of these spheres including shape, smoothness, refractive index and size are examined for their potential benefits in cosmetic formulations. Finally, the ability of the spheres to block IR radiation is evaluated for thermo-regulatory effects.

Meeting the UVA Challenge: Inorganic-only Sun Protection

The production of a range of titanium dioxide-based dispersions is explored to provide enhanced UVA protection, in comparison with ultrafine titanium dioxide. Formulations containing these dispersions as the only active are shown to achieve a UVA protection factor that is 1/3 of the labeled SPF value, thus meeting European Commission recommendations.

Comparatively Speaking: UVA vs. UVB Protection

Tony O’Lenick asks industry expert Dennis Lott of Florida Suncare Testing Inc. to distinguish between UVA and UVB radiation to explain how organic UV filters can be formulated into sunscreens to help protect against these rays.

English Ivy Nanoparticles Found to Protect Skin from UV Radiation

Researchers at the University of Tennessee report that English ivy nanoparticles may protect skin from UV radition better than other metal-based nanoparticles such as titanium dioxide (TiO2).

Hydroxyapatite UV Filter

Kalichem Italia S.r.l. has introduced a physical sunscreen that imparts a soft focus antiaging effect without a white appearance on skin. The material is based on hydroxyapatite, one of the basic constituents of bones and teeth.

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