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California Baby to Reformulate with Nature-derived Preservatives Developed In-house

Children's personal care brand California Baby announced plans to reformulate its products starting in September 2018. This move will enhance the company's offerings with nature-derived preservatives developed in-house.

[video] Broad-spectrum, CPC-based Preservatives

Vertellus recently highlighted its Freshstat preservatives, which are based on CPC, a trusted ingredient in oral care. Learn more from this video.

An Offensive Defense: Minimizing Preservatives, Maximizing Protection and Resources

Designing formulations with maximum preservation efficacy using minimum preservative quantities is vital for several reasons, outlined here. This strategy is referred to as an “offensive defense,” and requires leveraging the right preservatives and levels for given formulation designs.

Troy Corp. Expands Preservative Portfolio

In order to provide more flexibility to formulators, while also reducing costs of preservatives, Troy Corporation has introduced a new range for personal care and cosmetics applications.

JEEN Launches Alternative Preservatives

JEEN found not one, but two solutions to help meet industry demand for alternative preservatives. The manufacturer launched two ingredients to add into formulas and challenging applications for non-traditional preservation.

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