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Belle Aire Creations Launches Total Malodor Management for Fragrance and Flavor

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A new malodor technology offers versatility across a range of applications, without negatively impacting the sensory performance of fragrances and flavors.

Belle Aire Creations has introduced two proprietary and patented technologies to meet the demands of managing malodor for personal care, beauty, home care, flavors and more.

Applications could include the control of body and mouth odor, household and pet odors, the smell of ammonia from hair coloring and more. Total Malodor Management (TMM) and TMM Natural were developed to modify, neutralize and eliminate poor smells on contact with more than 90% malodor counteraction efficacy.

“After 25 years of dedicated work with the best scientific minds and talent in the industry, we know how to modify, neutralize and eliminate malodor and we want to show the world what we know,” said Don Conover, president of Belle Aire Creations and scientist and master perfumer behind the development of this technology.

The technologies are beneficial to manage the following range:

  • Body/foot odor
  • Mouth odor
  • Cat urine/pet odors
  • Garbage can odor
  • Household odors
  • Ammonia from hair coloring
  • Smoke
  • Gym and sport clothing odors
  • Laundry odors
  • Food odors
  • Feminine odors
  • Industrial and automotive odors
  • Product-based notes

“Until now, masking and specifically targeted malodor counteraction strategies have been the best option to combatting and managing malodors,” said Conover. “Our multidimensional TMM and TMM Natural formulas contain a set of uniquely performing ingredients that work together synergistically to reduce malodors.”

"TMM formulations are highly targeted toward forming molecular complexes with malodor molecules, not fragrance or flavor ingredients."

According to Belle Aire Creations, “TMM solutions were developed by vertical market application, including TMM oral care (patent pending), TMM personal care, TMM hair care, TMM animal care, TMM home care, TMM air care, TMM laundry care, TMM confectionery and TMM institutional and commercial.”

Changing the Malodor Game

Craig Warren, who has worked in the field of olfactory science and malodor counteractants, has been brought in by Belle Aire Creations as an outside consultant to review the technology's claims and performance efficiency.

“With more than 40 years of experience and broad industry expertise, the TMM technologies produce the most effective malodor counteractants I have observed to date,” Warren explained. “Their performance is substantiated both by objective testing, using headspace analysis and by subjective testing, using expert and consumer sensory evaluation panels. I stand behind their efficacy claims and know that this technology is going to change the malodor counteraction world as we know it.”

Flexibility in Fragrance and Flavor Formulas

The TMM technology blends well with most fragrance and flavor systems with no compromise in performance, according to Belle Aire Creations. "TMM formulations are highly targeted toward forming molecular complexes with malodor molecules, not fragrance or flavor ingredients," the company noted in an official press release.

Future TMM applications could include advanced oral care and laundry care, according to Belle Aire Creations. The company also continues to experiment with "effective controlled-release systems with increased, longer-lasting malodor reduction."



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