Erythritol: A Multifunctional Natural Cariostatic Sweetening Agent in Oral Care

October 20, 2008 | Contact Author | By: Katleen Brys, Cargill R&D Centre Europe
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Keywords: erythritol | xylitol | toothpaste | mouthwash

Abstract: Erythritol is a multifunctional, natural cariostatic sweetener. Tests reported here show that erythritol as a cariostatic agent can be substituted for xylitol in toothpastes and mouthwashes with no ill effects on stability, viscosity or taste.

 Xylitol is alreadywell known as a cariostatic agent. Erythritol, on the other hand, is not. However, erythritol provides advantages in terms of taste masking and its synergistic effect with high intensity sweeteners and humectance systems. Its properties as a cariostatic agent are the subject of this article.

Erythritol (butane 1,2,3,4-tetrol) is a natural sugar alcohol (polyol) that occurs in a wide variety of foods, including fruits and mushrooms, and in popular fermented foods such as cheese, wine, beer, sake and soy sauce. Like all polyols, erythritol functions as a bulk sweetener (60–70% sweetness of sucrose) that is suitable for diabetics and resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria. Unlike other polyols, erythritol is noncaloric and more easily digested.