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Words from Wiechers: Without Penetration, No Delivery

This somewhat tongue-in-cheek edition of our "Words from Wiechers" series offers insight to improve the efficacy of actives.

[video] Capsum Unveils Microfluidic Concept Formulas

The company, based Marseille, with offices in Paris, New York and Los Angeles, recently hosted an innovation gallery in New York to showcase its customized machinery and applications of the microfluidic effects it can produce.

Patent Pick: Solid Lipid Curcumin Particles Show Improved Bioavailability

Curcumin holds great promise as a polyphenol with many therapeutic benefits. However, its swift metabolism by skin and instability pose numerous formulating uncertainties. A new patent application from Capsugel, however, solidifies them—literally, in the form of solid lipid particles.

Patent Pick: Reloadable Microcapsules Answer Fragrance Formulating Challenge

Just when you thought your formula was optimized, you tried to add fragrance. And what happened? You lost it in the aqueous phase. How can you control this partitioning and release? A new patent application from IFF may have your answer.

Patent Pick: Super Absorbent Matrix Extends Fragrance Release

Inventors at fashion and fragrance company PUIG have delayed the inevitable—in a good and cross-linked way. A new European patent application explains.

Eco-friendly Microparticles Carry Delivery Promise

Interest in cosmetic actives continues to grow, and delivery systems—especially eco-friendly ones—are a next logical market sector to follow. The timing might be right for findings in delivery such as those reported here, from the labs of Pierre Fabre and Université Paul Sabatier.

Delivery Systems and Ingredients on the Rise

Delivery systems and ingredients in personal care were valued at US $345,287.3 thousand in 2014, and this ingredient category is expected to grow to $543,373.2 thousand by 2020.

'Improved Antioxidant Penetration': Letter to the Editor

A recent Letter to the Editor calls to question some details in the logic presented in an April 2014 Cosmetics & Toiletries article.

Charged Vesicles for Delivering Actives in Surfactant-based Formulations

The delivery of active ingredients in surfactants has long been a challenge due to the inability of such ingredients to stay affixed to the skin and hair after rinse-off. One solution is a delivery system that enables the encapsulation of actives in charged vesicles.

Berg + Schmidt Launches Lecithin Fractions for Skin Compatibility

Berg & Schmidt has introduced a range of phosphatidylcholine (PC) fractions of lecithin from either soy or sunflower that can be used to manufacture liposomes, nanoemulsions, oleogels or formulations that are physiologically related to skin.

Characterization of Multilamellar Vesicles for Cleansing Applications

In the present article, the authors characterize a multilamellar vesicle (MLV) system used in personal care and verify its structure via X-ray scattering, rheology and fluorescence microscopy. This enabled the study of MLV formation to investigate bulk rheology characteristics. The results are presented here as application-relevant properties.

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