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Recent in Formulating Aids (page 11 of 16)

Troubleshooting Microemulsion Systems

Measuring and Pre-selecting Functional Filler Pigments

PIT Versus PIF for the Rational Formulation of Emulsions

Polyacrylate-33 for Thickening and Suspending in Low Surfactant Cleansers

Formulating for Electrolyte Resistance in Conjunction with Sensory Appeal

The Photostability and Photostabilization of trans-Resveratrol

Hyperbranched Polyalphaolefins Enhance Anhydrous Stick Formulations

Vegetal-derived Emulsifiers for Improved Stability and Formula Efficiency

Feasibility Study of Sago Starch for Perfumed and Cooling Body Powders

Deciphering Chelating Agent Formulas

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