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Topical Resveratrol, Topical/Ingested Grape Seed and Natural Supplements Found to Inhibit Skin Cancer

Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, report that the combination of topical resveratrol, topical or dietary grape seed extract, and calcium D-glucarate and ellagic acid supplements suppress skin cancer and inflammation. These findings could be used to develop supplements or creams to protect skin.

HallStar and SurfaTech Partner for Photostabilizing Polymers

The HallStar Company and SurfaTech Corp. have formed a cooperative development agreement to create and market photostabilizing polymers for personal care formulations.

To D or Not to D: Many Still Question Vitamin D

Vitamin D's role in skin is often debated in the dermatological community and it also was a popular topic at the SCC's Annual Scientific Seminar in Long Island.

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