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Mind Your Own Beeswax with Croda’s Vegan Ester

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Croda has added to its Syncrowax range of wax esters with SP Syncrowax SB1 MBAL (INCI: Synthetic Beeswax)—an emulsion stabilizer for multiple applications like antiperspirants, lip care and sun protection.

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SP Syncrowax SB1 MBAL is a synthetic beeswax variant reportedly comprised of non-animal derivatives, non-GMO waxes and emulsifiers. It is specially blended to provide a vegan alternative to natural beeswax, and also is claimed to be approximately 80% natural.

The ingredient can be used for a variety of cosmetic applications including lipsticks, lip balms and mascaras due to its structuring properties.

 For more information, visit Croda’s website.

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