Dimethiconal Panthenol: Hair Color Protection with Multiple Benefits

January 26, 2015 | By: Biosil Technologies, Inc.
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Consumer demand for efficacy and long-lasting results is not waning with the growing awareness of and affinity for whole body wellness and natural ingredients. With consumers becoming increasingly wary of unnecessary chemicals in food, the environment and personal care products, finding ways to formulate without sacrificing multifunctional benefits or the results consumers demand is critical to success in today’s marketplace.

In response, Biosil Technologies, Inc. has developed Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30 CE (INCI: Dimethiconol Panthenol), a paraben- and phenoxyethanol-free version of the brand’s original amine functional silicone. Complexed with panthenol, a well-known humectant, emollient, glossifier, detangler and moisturizing agent, this hair color protectant spreads evenly on the surface of hair, forming a smooth film on the cuticle to provide excellent slip between strands. This film provides enhanced coherence to the reflection of light from the surface of the hair to impart gloss and shine. Panthenol is also capable of penetrating the cuticle and entering the hair shaft, to aid in moisture-retention and provide volume. Additionally, readily absorbed by skin, panthenol conceivably provides an added benefit of improving scalp health. Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30 CE allows for a wide range of possibilities in color-treated and allergy-safe hair formulations without sacrificing excellent hair benefits.

Proven Benefits

Color protection: Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30 CE provides excellent protection for color-treated hair. An independent study was carried out to comparing various shampoos including color protective ingredients with a control base shampoo and a leading retail shampoo claiming color protection. As Figure 1 shows, Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30 CE provided significantly better color protection over the placebo and the retail shampoo.

Conditioning, anti-breakage and shine: Additional studies of the agent's benefits in test and control shampoos, with 5% Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30 CEand without, were compared in wet combing, shine and repeat combing experiments. Results, shown in Figure 2, Figure 3 and Figure 4, indicated the active increased shine, improved wet hair manageability, and resulted in fewer broken fibers after repeated combing.

Formula Examples

To demonstrate the multifunctional application of Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30 CE, Biosil provides a Color Protective Conditioning Sulfate-Free Shampoo formula. As can be seen, the ingredient elegantly imparts color protection along with wet-combing, anti-breakage, conditioning and shine benefits, allowing for multiple benefit claims all in one ingredient.

For more information and further formulation guidance, contact your Biosil representative or visit www.biosiltech.com.


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Figure 1. Fading of washed hair

Figure 1. Fading of washed hair

The addition of Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30 improved color retention.

Figure 2. Wet combing force values

Figure 2. Wet combing force values

Results show the beneficial effect in wet manageability for the shampoo with 5% Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30, which was significantly better than the untreated and common control.

Figure 3. Average shine (%)

Figure 3. Average shine (%)

Increases in shine values result from the active in the shampoo with 5% Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30, beneficially improving the surface for better optical response.

Figure 4. Average number of broken fibers

Figure 4. Average number of broken fibers

Results show the shampoo with 5% Biosil Basics® Amino DL-30 had significantly less broken fibers; results were 2.3 x better than the untreated control and 1.25 x better than the control shampoo.

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