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A New Dimension in Hairstyling–VP/Methacrylamide/Vinyl Imidazole Copolymer

Contact Author C. Wood, S. Nguyen-Kim and P. Hoessel,l BASF AG
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Hair gels and mousses have a high rank among stying products. Approximatly half of the styling polymers are employed in these application forms, and approximately 25% are used in gel formulations.

Gels are favored for short hairstyles and are particularly used by men. Due to VOC regulations, the trend in the United States is toward water-based styling gels and mousses--away from aerosol hairsprays with propellant and solvent. In Asia, water-based and alcohol-free styling formulations are correlated with purity and traditionally preferred. ON strong, dark Asian hair, styling gels and mousses accomplish good setting without flaking.

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