[podcast] P&G Scientists on Personal Genetics and 'Good Agers'

April 14, 2017 | Contact Author | By: Rachel Grabenhofer
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Keywords: podcast | genetics | Olay | interview | aging | P&G | consumers | sun protection | personalization

Abstract: P&G has been busy unraveling genetic mysteries to apply in new product concepts. How? This exclusive interview, with Olay scientists, explains. Listen now!

Genetics influence skin aging to a much lesser degree than lifestyle and habits. These findings from Olay were previously reported. However, as presented during the recent American Academy of Dermatology meeting, P&G scientists have taken this work much further and are applying new genetic findings into skin care products. How?

Frauke Neuser, Ph.D., principal scientist for P&G's Olay skin care, and Rosemarie Osborne, Ph.D., research fellow for P&G's beauty technology division, explain, in this exclusive interview. They also offer insight on personalization, sun protection, consumer demands, ingredient research and more. Listen now!