CBR Frequently Asked Questions

My company should appear under the "Emollients" category. How do I do this?
By logging on to the CBR and viewing the details of any given emollient you carry. Be sure the function "emollient" is checked for your product. (This obviously applies for any given category.)
My company is a distributor but does not produce its own ingredients. How do I get listed under a product category in The Guide?
The Guide is designed so that the names and contact information for distributors appear in the A-Z supplier listing as additional contacts under their parent companies.
  • If you are new to the CBR, when you first enter your contact information, check the box that states: "I also represent and/or distribute for another company."
  • If you have existing account, click on the button to "Edit Company Information," and this screen will allow you to check the box that states: "I also represent and/or distribute for another company."
Once you have indicated that you are also a distributor, be sure to verify with your parent company that they have "attached" your company to themselves as a distributor. They can easily complete this step from their company dashboard by clicking the "Add Rep/Distributor" button and choosing your company name from the drop-down menu.
Is there an easy way to make sure my company appears under all the appropriate categories?
Yes, somewhat. Log on to the CBR online and choose the "Ingredients" link to perform a basic search. Scroll down the page to search by ingredient functions, click the link for the appropriate function category to search, then click on the "search" button (beneath the "functions" box). The system will retrieve all the listings within the CBR that are tagged to that function. Within this list, you can check for your company name. You may also choose to search more than one function at once.
Note: If you are having difficulty accessing the search page on the CBR, contact your sales rep. for assistance or: cbr@allured.com; Rachel Grabenhofer (1-630-344-6072); Katie Schaefer (1-630-344-6077); or Kasia Smialkowski (1-630-344-6025).
This seems like a lot of work. Isn't there an easier way to do this?
While we encourage you to identify functions for every ingredient you list in the CBR, one "shortcut" would be to choose one product you carry from each category in which want your company name to appear, then view the details of each of those products to ensure they have the appropriate function "checked." However, by providing complete information for all of your ingredients, users of the online CBR will have access to the most updated data about your products.