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When the Dust Settles: Keratinocyte Differentiation is the Anti-pollution Solution

This article describes in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models to examine the effects of PM in skin, with particular interest in a botanical extract to mitigate the described effects. Urban pollution including particulate matter (PM) can affect the skin barrier by inducing numerous cell stresses.

JAMA Calls Out Cosmetics

Adverse event reporting has been the cornerstone of cosmetic safety oversight. Is it an effective system, or do new products warrant new tactics? A recent report takes a closer look.

[podcast] EWG vs. the Industry on Cosmetic Ingredient Safety

On the surface, this seems like a story about an activist group stirring up unnecessary fear to target an "unregulated" industry. And a self-regulated industry allegedly putting dollars ahead of safety. But the reality is actually much deeper and philosophical in nature. Listen now!

Toxicity Testing: Read Between the Lines

Active ingredients aren't thinkers, they're do-ers. But can they do too much? As explored during in-cosmetics 2017, in an industry permeated with astounding product claims, it becomes all the more crucial to test for potential toxic effects and really understand those results.

Exposing Ingredient Exposure: It's Better Than We Thought

Cosmetovigilance is at the forefront of the industry's mind and is deeply rooted in testing ingredient safety. In relation, a new paper explores the aggregated exposure of consumers to given ingredients, with interesting results.

Enhanced with Critical Thinking

Butterflies in my stomach, that’s what I’m feeling. Both excited and nervous. Why? In this issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries, we’re trying something different. Our cover story is about safer sun protection but not in a way you’re used to; it's controversial.

PCPC's Beth Jonas Defends Cosmetic Science to the U.S. Senate

It's nice to see our government liaison supporting our scientists' efforts by standing up to share with others the notion that cosmetic science is real.

Ansell Addresses Good, Bad and Ugly Science

The good, bad and ugly science behind ingredient "reputations" were addressed by Jay Ansell, of PCPC, during his in-cosmetics N.A.

Phthalates Study Raises More Concerns, ‘But Who Cares?’

It’s been a while since a cosmetic ingredient was slandered. To ensure we’re not letting you down, here’s a report on new study examining the negative impact of phthalates.

CIR Gives Certain Keratin, Polymers and More the OK for Safety

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel has made a safety determination on a number of chamomile, polymer, keratin and sulfate ingredients. Some are safe for use at certain levels while two HDI polymers still have insufficient data.

It'll Grow on You: Fully Functional 3D Skin Model

Blood, sweat and hairs ... a group of researchers from Japan have developed a skin transplant model that can create fully functional 3D skin transplants, complete with hair follicles and sebaceous glands, for replacing seriously damaged skin or as an alternative to animal tests.

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