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Sep 16, 2014 | 04:55 PM CDT

Non-Invasive Measurement of Epidermal Proteins for Psoriasis and Skin Care*

By: M.S. Leo, S. Fitzmaurice, H.I. Maibach, MD, an…

Abnormal epidermal turnover in psoriatic skin impairs its barrier function and tissue repair capabilities. Therefore, studies of hyperkeratinization and hyperproliferation have been conducted to better understand the disease. Here, the administration of heavy water and a tape-stripping method are used to measure skin protein turnover in psoriatic skin and surrounding tissues. Results demonstrate benefits over other proliferation measurements.

Sep 16, 2014 | 01:18 PM CDT

Patent Picks—Nanoparticle Anti-acne, Elastin Digest, Thermo-regulated Cosmetics, Rebaudioside A and More in Skin Care

By: Cosmetics & Toiletries editors

Patent Picks are compiled by the editors from publicly available sources. This edition features recent inventions related to repairing, restructuring and other novel effects in skin care.

Sep 10, 2014 | 10:41 AM CDT

AAK Highlights Opportunity and Names Sole Distributor in Mexico

By: Katie Anderson

AAK Personal Care has signed a sole distributor agreement with ABA Mexico S.A. de C. V. The choice of ABA to distribute AAK's ingredients was due, in part, to the shared specialty of bioactives and functional ingredients.

Sep 10, 2014 | 10:32 AM CDT

Evonik Expands Capacity for Specialty Silica in Japan

By: Katie Anderson

Evonik Industries has announced an expansion of its specialty silica capacities in Ako, Japan through a holding in DSL Japan Co. Ltd. (DSL). Evonik holds 51% of shares in DSL, a joint venture with the Japanese Shionogi & Co. Ltd.

Sep 10, 2014 | 09:36 AM CDT

Beauty and Healthcare in the Convergence Zone

Euromonitor International looks at how new product development is steadily becoming ever more concentrated on the capability of addressing topical health conditions.

Sep 09, 2014 | 01:55 PM CDT

Multifunctional Performance from a New Generation Hair Polymer

By: Peter Hoessel, PhD; Christian Schade, PhD; And…

Today’s styling formulations are further optimized with polymer combinations. This is especially true for styling gel and wax formulations, with combinations of styling polymers and polymeric thickeners to achieve the right balance of rheology profile, setting performance and humidity resistance without sacrificing sensory properties, e.g. peaking, gel structure and clarity. Luviset One (INCI: Acrylates/Methacrylamide Copolymer) offers hair care formulators the opportunity to reduce the complexity of styling gel and wax formulations with the use of only one polymer.

Sep 05, 2014 | 12:35 PM CDT

Facial Cleansing with Mild Surfactants

By: Katerina Steventon, PhD, FaceWorkshops

Cleanser technology has come a long way from a “cleansing only” concept to one that includes other benefits such as moisturization, and marketing efforts have focused on these additional ingredients and claims.

Sep 03, 2014 | 03:20 PM CDT

Assessing Beauty By Facial Topography, Color and Symmetry

By: Katerina Steventon, PhD, FaceWorkshops, LLC

The notion of “aging gracefully” no longer applies, as consumers are constantly judging each other’s facial features to assess their beauty. Here, based on recent studies, it is suggested that facial topography, symmetry and color dictate those assessments. While the cosmetics industry can lessen some of these factors, some are a result of biology or lifestyle.

Sep 03, 2014 | 10:24 AM CDT

Consumer Expectations Propel Changing Skin Care Segment

By: Jeff Falk

The changing needs of consumers means at-home devices will continue to grow, and convenience heads the list of priorities for these time-constrained consumers.

Sep 03, 2014 | 10:14 AM CDT

Presperse Names New President and CEO

By: Katie Anderson

Koh Akiyama has been appointed president and CEO of Presperse, replacing Sumio Hino, who has been appointed to lead the management of Sumitomo Corp.’s global cosmetics business.