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Mar 05, 2015 | 10:53 AM CST

Alternative Preservation for Wet Wipes and Cold Process Cosmetics

By: Katie Anderson

Hurdle technology is a holistic formulation approach that assesses the impact of multiple factors on the ability of a formulation to support microbial growth. A particular challenge has been the identification of ingredients that can be used in the hurdle technology approach for solutions and emulsions in non-woven substrates, and INOLEX has created two ingredients to help formulators address this need.

Mar 04, 2015 | 10:09 AM CST

Women Embrace Imperfections for a Natural Look

By: Katie Anderson

The natural look trend, according to Datamonitor Consumer, is here to stay, and that means the beauty industry needs to figure out how to enhance the “imperfect” beauty of every person rather than unify everyone under the same standard.

Mar 04, 2015 | 09:02 AM CST

Dr. Straetmans Introduces Natural O/W Emulsifier Blend for Caring Feel

By: Katie Anderson

At in-cosmetics 2015, Dr. Straetmans will unveil a natural emulsifier blend for o/w emulsions with higher viscosities that provide a rich texture and nourishing skin feel.

Mar 03, 2015 | 02:44 PM CST

Vantage Personal Care Names Senior VP and General Manager

By: Katie Anderson

Pat Brueggman has been named senior vice president and general manager of Vantage Personal Care.

Mar 03, 2015 | 02:15 PM CST

AAK Personal Care Appoints Sole Distributor in Poland

By: Katie Anderson

AAK Personal Care is strengthening its position in the Polish market with the appointment of Nordmann, Rassmann Polska Sp.z o.o. as its sole distributor in the country.

Mar 02, 2015 | 01:37 PM CST

Patent Picks—Queen Bee Anti-aging; Modulating Microbes; Astaxanthin Gene Expression and More in Skin Treatments

By: Cosmetics & Toiletries editors

Patent Picks are compiled by the editors from publicly available sources. This edition features inventions related to skin treatments, including queen bee venom for anti-aging, a method to modulate the microbiome, plant extraction techniques, astaxanthin for gene expression, double-stranded oligonucleotides for improved delivery, sirtuin modulators, sunscreen photostabilizers and more.

Mar 02, 2015 | 12:53 PM CST

Sederma Launches Lifting Active from Plant Cell Culture

By: Katie Anderson

At in-cosmetics in Barcelona, Sederma will debut its lifting active for the face and neck.

Feb 26, 2015 | 11:42 AM CST

Innovation Upgrade

By: Rachel Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries…

The cosmetics industry faces upgrading innovation to meet the high expectations of such digi-centric consumers. It’s a good thing cosmetic scientists are consumers, too, and following these tech trends, they’ve helped push the industry ahead in new ways.

Feb 26, 2015 | 09:57 AM CST

Balancing Texture with Electrolyte Resistance for Improved Thickening

By: Ryosuke Murakami, Yusuke Nishikawa and Yuichir…

Described here are two acrylic rheology modifiers for novel thickening properties in formulations. A pre-neutralized carbomer is shown to impart a lighter, smoother texture than traditional carbomer while increasing process flexibility. In addition, a new associative acrylate/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer exhibits thickening in high electrolyte media, acts synergistically with surfactants, and facilitates the dispersion of fillers.

Feb 26, 2015 | 09:31 AM CST

Considerations for Phospholipid Emulsifiers

By: Peter Tsolis, The Estée Lauder Companies; and …

Phospholipids have become indispensable ingredients in the personal care industry, not only for their primary emulsification function, but also for their delivery, moisturization and anti-irritant benefits. This column reviews the characteristics of phospholipids, addresses potential formulation issues with them, and suggests potential methods to overcome these issues.