Testing A New Platform for Skin Care Emulsions

May 6, 2003 | Contact Author | By: Anja Gestmann, Valerie Bonnardel and Jocelyne Milliere, National Starch Personal Care
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Title: Testing A New Platform for Skin Care Emulsions
skin care formulations strategiesx skin carex platform technologyx emulsionx platformx hydroxypopylx starch phosphatex testingx polymerx
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Keywords: skin care formulations strategies | skin care | platform technology | emulsion | platform | hydroxypopyl | starch phosphate | testing | polymer

Abstract: The authors describe how to test an ingredient for its potential as a skin care emulsion platform using, as an example, a new starch-based ingredient called hydroxypropyl starch phosphate.

A whole series of emulsion platform technologies are available to skin care formulators. To gain acceptance, a novel emulsion platform technology would ideally maximize these features.

  • Flexibility in use;
  • Compatibility with other ingredients;
  • Viability throughout a broad pH range;
  • Viability throughout a wide temperature range;
  • Rheology modification and co-emulsification under a wide range of formulation and product conditions;
  • A pleasing skin feel.