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Nov 26, 2014 | 04:30 PM CST

The Balancing Act of Multifunctional Cosmetics

By: Rachel Grabenhofer

The success of BB creams is undeniable, and it has launched an alphabet-heavy trend in both skin and hair care. However, what challenge does this pose for formulators? During the C&T Summit, Prithwiraj Maitra, PhD, will discuss the challenges of multifunctional products and their components from a material scientist's perspective.

Nov 26, 2014 | 04:17 PM CST

Sunscreen Across the Spectrum?

By: Rachel Grabenhofer

Newer to the scene are products that protect skin against infrared radiation, as well as research on the effects of high energy visible and visible light. In response, at the C&T Summit, Jürgen Lademann, PhD, will present "Should Sunscreens Protect Across the Whole Solar Spectrum?"

Nov 26, 2014 | 03:03 PM CST

Exploring Solutions Through Asymmetrical Thinking

By: Rachel Grabenhofer

Cosmetics have inspired innovations in hair care, and this market is looking to more categories for new ideas. In relation, national security expert Jeffrey Baxter believes the ability to improvise in your thinking is essential to finding answers—a topic he will address during the C&T Summit in June 2015.

Nov 21, 2014 | 01:07 PM CST

Silab Sources Calendula for Epigenetic Anti-aging

By: Katie Anderson

Silab has debuted an anti-aging active that reduces modification of the epigenome with time to allow cutaneous cells to better respond to stress and live longer.

Nov 21, 2014 | 09:35 AM CST

FDA To Report Lead and Arsenic Levels for Batch Approval of Specific Colorants

By: Katie Anderson

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it will report specific values of lead and arsenic for a number of color additives before Certificate of Analysis (CoA) are granted for their batches.

Nov 20, 2014 | 02:36 PM CST

Midwest SCC Honors Jacobsen for Lifetime Service

Dennis Ciechna, Midwest SCC Historian, awards Allan Jacobsen the Stanley Allured Lifetime Service Award.
By: Rachel Grabenhofer

During its November 2014 meeting, the Midwest SCC Chapter honored Allan Jacobsen the Stanley Allured Lifetime Service Award.

Nov 20, 2014 | 10:43 AM CST

Exploring Parallels Between String Theory and Cosmetic Science

By: Rachel Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries…

Professor Brian Greene, world-renown physicist and string theorist at Columbia University, admits there’s no concrete connection between string theory and cosmetic science, and that we shouldn’t try to make one. However, the following discussion aims to exercise readers’ minds in hopes of revealing parallels between the two.

Nov 20, 2014 | 09:15 AM CST

Problems with Skin Protectants Part 2, Theory and Perfluoropolyether Insights

By: Giovanni Pantini, PhD, Studio 24

Problems with skin protectants include unsatisfactory performance, poor prospects for improvement, and the lack of evaluation methods. Such problems were introduced in part 1 of this series. Here, theoretical aspects of skin protection and insights from perfluoropolyethers are discussed; concepts to push protectants to new efficacies will be covered in the final article of this series.

Nov 20, 2014 | 08:48 AM CST

Moringa Leaf Phytochemicals for Skin Benefits

By: Diana M. Cheng and Ilya Raskin, Nutrasorb; Car…

This paper describes the development of a stable moringa plant concentrate comprising the extraction and identification of stable actives, via plant metabolites, and the correlation of activity through a variety of in vitro models. The resulting concentrate demonstrated direct and indirect antioxidant benefits and inhibitory action against inflammation and UV-induced MMP-1.

Nov 19, 2014 | 04:22 PM CST

Zeta Potential and Particle Size to Predict Emulsion Stability

By: A.P. Gasparelo, Grupo Boticário, São José dos …

Emulsions are popular vehicles in skin care due to their affinity for the skin; however, they are thermodynamically unstable systems. This study investigates zeta potential and particle size distribution as potential screening tools to predict instabilities in emulsion-based cosmetic products, to supplement regular accelerated stability testing.