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DNA Self-assembly for UV Protection and Hydration

Whoever thought a material's greatest weakness could become its strength? Scientists at Binghamton University and the University of Rhode Island, apparently, as a recent DNA-related study illustrates.

Age is Just a Number and miRNA Release

New research on the role of the hypothalamus in aging reveals the cosmetic industry is on the right path toward anti-aging; i.e., epigenetics.

A New Intersection: Could Anti-pollution Mean Anti-acne?

Anti-acne and anti-pollution have something in common: inflammation. Could this crossroads of two market segments align to forge a new path forward? A recent study suggests so.

New Passion for Passion Fruit: Sun Protection

Thai researchers have juicy news on passion fruit—apparently, extract from its seeds can boost the SPF levels in makeup. A recent paper published in the Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences explains.

'Tunable' UV Absorption and Color

A new study published in Science could have product developers humming a new tune. In it, changes to a tyrosine-containing tripeptide acting as a melanin precursor were found capable of tuning melanin properties.

Immunity to Hair Loss Could be the Future

Is it possible hair products of the future will impart hair loss immunity to consumers? New findings from the University of California at San Francisco point in this direction.

Study Finds Fat Cells Linked to Anti-aging Treatment

A study has discovered stem cells collected from human fat can potentially be used for anti-aging treatments. While the study needs further review, it has potential to open new therapeutical opportunities.

Carotenoids Beat Melanin for Facial Attractiveness

The latest issue of the Annals of Improbable Research is focused on faces. In it, facial coloration via carotenoids rated higher than coloration via melanin. This suggests a new approach to self-tanners and skin care.

Shrubby St. John's Wort Boosts More than Your Mood

Any ethnobotanist will tell you St. John's Wort is well-known to keep some forms of depression in check. It also may lift your spirits knowing skin can benefit from its berries, as a recent study explains.

Lipid Enlightenment: A New Way Forward for Personalized Skin Care

Cosmetic dermatology in some ways replaces and surpasses anti-aging. Many cosmetic and personal care multinationals see it as the next strategic move. And new findings in lipidomics, such as these from the University of Oregon, quickly push the potential forward.

Nano-sized Barrier Repair Buzzing

New research out of Brazil has skin care developers "abuzz" with excitement. Why? Beeswax nanoparticles show potential to improve compromised skin barrier functioning.

Sky Blue's the Limit with Novel Pigment Discovery

New pigment discoveries with applications for cosmetics come along once in a blue moon; or in this case, sky. Researchers in Korea and Japan have developed new inorganic sky-blue pigments with light-absorbing properties.

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