A Novel Whitening Agent and Other Topics

December 23, 2005 | By: Charles Fox, Independent Consultant
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Title: A Novel Whitening Agent and Other Topics
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Skin and Skin
Care Frequency of fragrance allergy: Buckley et al. investigated the frequency of fragrance allergy in patch-tested patients.1 The most likely age of sensitization to fragrance chemicals is unknown. These investigators patch tested 23,846 patients over a 14-year period. They report that 8.4% of the females and 6.4% of the males tested were allergic to fragrance materials. The frequency of fragrance allergy was low in the first two decades of life. It gradually increased in females after the age of 20 years and peaked in the 60-year range at 14.45 of those tested. The authors conclude that the findings support the hypothesis that allergy to fragrance results from a combination of repeated environmental exposure and age-related susceptibility factors.