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Intra- and Inter-Individual Differences Sensitive Skin

The authors investigated the intro-individual and the inter-individual variations of transepidermal water loss, capacitance and microcirculation in 10 different facial areas in subjects with "sensitive skin" and in subjects with "non-sensitive skin."

Racial Differences in Skin Properties: Can Skin Care Be Universal?

With racial (ethnic) differences in skin properties, can skin care be universal?

The pH of the Stratum Corneum: An Update

The pH gradient results from enzymatic processes within the SC's major acidic skin components. The lowered pH near the skin's surface contributes to desquamation and lipid processing.

Pigmentation, Swelling and Wrinkling in the Eye Area

Product development to address concerns of pigmentation, swelling, and wrinkling in the eye area requires a basic understanding of the area's unique anatomy and skin physiology.

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