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Ethnicity as a Factor in Irritant Contact Dermatitis

Irritant contact dermatitis (ICD), a common dermatological disorder, presents the classic signs and symptoms of infl ammation: edema, redness and tenderness. It can occur as a result of single exposure to an acute irritant, or when exposure to a less potent irritant is persistent or repeated until signs and symptoms develop over weeks, years or decades.

Exclusive! Comparatively Speaking: Deep Wrinkles vs. Fine Lines By Tony O'Lenick

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick asks: What is the difference between deep wrinkles and fine lines? Steven Schwartz provides the answer.

A Dermatological View: Cutaneous Biochemistry in Aging Skin

This is the second of three reviews of technical literature examining the facts and misconceptions about aging skin. Articles on cutaneous blood flow were reviewed in the July 2006 issue. The remaining topics are cutaneous biochemistry and skin thickness.

Manchester Researchers Crack Baldness Code

Recent research findings from the University of Manchester could help an inherited form of baldness.

Bench & Beyond--Watering Holes in the Stratum Corneum

The skin has its own efficient mechanisms and locations for storing water in the stratum corneum (SC). A well-hydrated SC is essential for shedding cells and preventing thickened, dry, rough, scaly skin. But what if the hydration system breaks down? How can the cosmetic chemist help?

A Dermatological View--Cutaneous Blood Flow in Aging Skin

This is the first of three reviews of technical literature examining the fact and fancy of aging skin. The three topics are cutaneous blood flow, cutaneous biochemistry and skin thickness.

Sun and Skin Science: A Periodical Review

This review of articles drawn primarily from the pages of the 2005 and 2006 Journal of Investigative Dermatology discusses the skin’s inherent mechanisms for photoimmunoprotection, photoadaptation and photoprotection following exposure to the sun.

Exclusive! Comparatively Speaking: Irritation vs. Sensitization

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick asks: What's the difference between irritation and sensitization? Steve Schwartz provides the answer…

Energizing Trends

Well-being is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “the state of being happy, healthy and prosperous;” however, the methods to achieve well-being are anything but defined.

Aveda Considers Gemstones in Cosmetic Formulas

Gemstones can be used to enhance cosmetic formulations, according to one Aveda researcher.

Monell Research Exposes Sweet Taste Detector in Humans

Monell Chemical Senses Center revealed that a scientific paradox linking artificial sweeteners with a specific sensory experience has guided researchers to an increased understanding of how humans detect sweet taste..

Improved Learning, Decrease in Anxiety Not Linked to Neurogenesis

A recent study reports that neurogenesis does not appear to be the reason why mice living in enriched environments exhibit behavioral changes such as less anxiety.

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