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Industry Updates in the European Union

Since my last column on Europe,1 the European Union (EU) Commission issued two new Adaptations to Technical Progress (ATP) and the EU’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) issued several opinions. There was some good news and some bad news.

The Name Game--SCCP Replaces SCCNFP

By order of the European Commission, in 2004 the Scientific Committee on Cosmetics and Non-Food Products (SCCNFP) became officially known as the Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP). What does this name change signify, and why was it necessary?

European Update, Part 3

With the recent approval of the 26th Adaptation of Technical Process (ATP) the Scientific Committee Cosmetics, Non-Food Products (SCCNFP) has already initiated changes for the 27th ATP. At the Feb. 27, 2002, meeting, several imporant decisions were made.

European Update, Part 2

In a previous column, I reviewed the process of making new amendments to the Cosmetic Directive of the European Union (EU). I briefly mentioned that changes to the eight annexes of the Cosmetic Directive are made by the process referred to as Adaptations to Technical Progress, or ATP.

European Update

On June 4, 2002, at their 20th Plenary meeting, the Scientific Committee on Cosmetics and Non-Food Products (SCCNFP) intended for human use issued five opinions, one memorandum and one proposal.

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