Industry Gathers for Book Launch

October 15, 2013 | By: Katie Anderson
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Title: Industry Gathers for Book Launch
  • Article

More than 60 well-known cosmetic industry members gathered on Sept. 27, 2013, at Eikarou in Tokyo to celebrate the launch of Cosmetics Made Absolutely Simple, a unique book that transforms complex cosmetic science into straightforward, basic language with plenty of graphs and illustrations.

Attendees as the launch party included the book's author Hiroshi Fukui, PhD, a research fellow at the Shiseido Frontier Science Research Development Center. The book was translated from its native Japanese to English by translators Fujihiro Kanda, PhD, senior manager of the Technology Alliance Development Department at Shiseido; and Miki Minamino, PhD, vice president of BelleVienus, Co., Ltd.

The book was published by Alluredbooks, owned by the same parent company as Cosmetics & Toiletries, and publisher of C&T branded books.