Five Reasons You'll Love the New

Jan 8, 2014 | Contact Author | By: Allured Business Media
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Title: Five Reasons You'll Love the New
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Welcome to the rebuilt, redesigned and reengineered—an outcome of acting to answer the needs, challenges, wants and demands of cosmetic scientists.

The C&T team made a concerted effort to meet with R&D teams across the globe, and in conversation after conversation with leading cosmetic scientists, it was clear that must deliver job relevant knowledge in a global and contextual way, must be easy to use and must save the scientist time in developing products. To truly serve cosmetic scientists, must better deliver relevant and actionable content:

Here are five exciting features of the created to better deliver relevant and actionable content available with registration:

1) Ecosystems: The Full Story on a Topic

Every formulating and research article will have an ecosystem of related and relevant formulas, ingredients, regulatory information and market data. These ecosystems of content are designed to provide the complete story on a given subject to save you time in developing products.

2) Actionable: Pathways to Suppliers

When you find a formula or ingredient while browsing an article’s ecosystem, you can request a sample of the ingredient or more information directly on Once you’re registered and logged in, simply double-check that your information is correct on the form and submit your request.

3) You're in Control: The "My Library" Tool

One of the most advanced feature on CosmeticsandToiletries.comMy Library enables you to save articles, ingredients, formulas and other content to your personalized library—housed on so that content is yours regardless of career changes. Once you register, saved items can be organized in customizable folders and tagged by user-defined keywords, making retrieving and sharing quick and easy. 

4) Deep Dive Content: Access to C&T Archives 

C&T has opened up its archives and is giving full access to its globally renowned formulating and research articles to all registered users. Previously, this content required a magazine subscription or separate purchase. Now all registered users can enjoy the full breadth of C&T’s past and future content at any time.

5) Anytime, Any Device: Responsive Design for Easy Multi-device Use

In addition, to intuitive navigation and search functions, in addition to the Ecosystem, is now built using responsive design to ensure you experience the same fully-functional site across all types of devices.

These improvements are just a few of the changes happening at Cosmetics & Toiletries. The C&T team is committed to serving the cosmetic industry and looks forward to your feedback and suggestions to continue to improve its service to you.