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[video] News and Insight from Cosmetics & Toiletries: 10/13/2017

In-cosmetics launches, new skin targets, speed formulating, Korean regulations and more. If you missed this week's news from Cosmetics & Toiletries, you missed out. Rachel Grabenhofer has your video re-cap. Watch now!

[video] News and Insight from Cosmetics & Toiletries: 10/06/2017

Happy October from Cosmetics & Toiletries! Here with your weekly video, including news and insights, is Audrey Latimer. Watch now!

Cherie Buziak and Jennifer Ritter Talk Cultural Beauty Trends and in-cosmetics North America

Cherie Buziak, founder of BeautyEdge LLC and Jennifer Ritter, founder of JSR&CO, shared their thoughts on the influence that culture has on product innovation, what trends are currently impacting the beauty and personal care market and how to stay on top of the next big trend.

[video] News and Insight from Cosmetics & Toiletries: 9/29/2017

Who won L'Oréal's for Women in Science grants? And what are the NY SCC and PCPC cooking up? Cosmetics & Toiletries is back again with this week’s news and insights. Jennifer Novoseletsky has your video re-cap. Watch now!

Cosmewax to Present New Products at Cosmoprof Hong Kong

Among the products Cosmewax plans to present at Cosmoprof Hong Kong is a new line of beauty products focused on mothers and their babies.

Are You Ready for in-cosmetics North America's Formulation Challenge?

"We expect to see the contestants lean on their extensive experience and knowledge of everything from chemistry to business in their attempts to prove they are the best of the best. "

NYSCC Suppliers' Day Announces Partnership with PCPC

"We are looking forward to being part of the NYSCC Suppliers’ Day and sharing important information and resources on sound science and to help attendees continue to develop safe, innovative products that enhance consumers’ lives.”

[video] News and Insight from Cosmetics & Toiletries: 9/22/2017

The wait is over...here it is, the Cosmetics & Toiletries video re-cap for this week's news and insight on the cosmetics R&D scene. Watch now!

5 Things to Know About Johnson & Johnson Innovation's JPitch

"Innovation truly is the backbone of the cosmetics and personal care industry. Without continued investment in new products, technologies and services the sector simply wouldn’t survive."

[video] News and Insight from Cosmetics & Toiletries: 9/15/17

Another week has come and gone. What did you check off your list? Mark Cosmetics & Toiletries down for new, exciting content (coming soon), news coverage all week plus our video wrap-up, this time featuring Audrey Latimer. Watch it now!

in-cosmetics Asia to Unmask Facial Mask Trends

88% of urban females in China aged 30-39 used a sheet mask in the six months to April this year. Three in four used sleeping masks overnight, while 69% of these consumers used sheet masks in the evening.

Belinda Carli Talks Product Personalization and in-cosmetics North America

Belinda Carli, director at the Institute of Personal Care Science, shared her thoughts on how brands can create these customizable products and stay on top of the trend that is changing the industry.

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