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IFSCC Conference Wraps Up Actively and Naturally

Active ingredients, especially of natural origin, and pathways for skin whitening and cellular de-stress closed out the IFSCC Conference in Seoul, underlining the focus on skin pigmentation in Asia.

A Snapshot of California Suppliers' Day 2017

Live from Long Beach, CA, it's California Suppliers' Day. From daily keynote speakers to the latest in industry trends, innovations and technologies, the two-day event was chock-full of beauty and personal care information and insights.

Excellence Awarded During IFSCC Closing Gala

The closing IFSCC gala was a night to remember, filled with everything from ceremonius shifts in power and awards for achievement, to lively drum performances and a little "kitchen" comedy.

The Skin Discussion Turns Outward at IFSCC

Day Two of the IFSCC Conference in Seoul continued with skin although this time, looking outward. Nanomaterials and anti-pollution strategies also entered the scene, along with a case study on cushion cosmetics.

[video] News and Insights from Cosmetics & Toiletries: 10/27/2017

Reporting from IFSCC South Korea, Rachel Grabenhofer, managing editor of Cosmetics & Toiletries shares this week's news and insights in this video re-cap. Watch now!

What's New at in-cosmetics Asia 2017

"We believe this year’s programme will inspire attendees and equip them to plan for future successes and innovate beyond the expectations of today’s consumers."

From Your Lips to IFSCC Ears: Formulation Transformations Pique Attendee Interest

While innovations to transform delivery systems, hybrid ingredients, optimization of formulas, pollution in hair, and skin barrier function were rounded up in the second and third IFSCC conference sessions, it was the lips that caught our attention— in the posters as well.

Skin Biology Prevails at IFSCC Korea

Skin was certainly "in" during the opening sessions of the IFSCC Korea Conference, ranging from presentations on the microbiome and a sebaceous gland model, to autophagy as an approach to improve pigmented spots.

IFSCC Korea, 'Where Beauty and Creativity Converge'

As the heartbeat of Asian cosmetic innovation, Seoul, South Korea hosted cosmetic chemists and formulators from around the world at the IFSCC 2017 Congress. Traditional Korean drums kicked off the opening ceremony.

The Biggest Personal Care and Beauty Care Trends from in-cosmetics North America 2017

Mintel shared its top four global and personal care trends for 2017 at in-cosmetics North America, including athleisure, wellness, back to the basics and product efficacy around the clock.

[video] News and Insight from Cosmetics & Toiletries: 10/20/2017

What happened this week? (Where did it go?) Brooke Schleehauf, our assistant editor, will tell you, in this week's video re-cap from Cosmetics & Toiletries. Watch now!

Repairogen and Colgate-Palmolive Triumph at in-cosmetics North America

Repairogen was awarded $5,000 for its new skin care technology at the JPitch competition while Colgate-Palmolive beat out Estée Lauder with a new anti-pollution formulation during the Formulation Challenge.

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