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Formalities, Awards and Fanfare Close the IFSCC Congress

In celebration of the accomplishments of all the scientists present, and the industry in general, the closing gala feature acrobatic stunts, humorous skits and a multitude of musical performances.

J&J Points to Collaboration and 6 Areas for Future Growth

“We need to openly publish our scientific data and challenge each other to progress,” said J&J's Josh Ghaim, Ph.D., during the IFSCC 2016 Congress. “We can then align standards and simply let the competitive technologies and products speak for themselves.”

Father of Green Chemistry Talks Sustainability and Innovation

“There is no desire to do the best green chemistry. We will do the best chemistry and it will happen to be green," said Paul Anastas, Ph.D., during the IFSCC Congress. He urged all attendees to take steps toward green chemistry.

The Breaking Point: What Makes Hair Weak

Trefor A. Evans, Ph.D., institute fellow at TRI Princeton, spoke about a unifying theory for visualizing the causes of hair breakage during day three of the IFSCC Congress.

The Children’s Formulating Event at IFSCC

It was great to see the curiosity and the excitement on the faces of the children in attendance as their lotion became a finished product.

Scents, Sensibility and Struggles: Creating Loyal Scents

During the afternoon on day two of the 29th IFSCC Congress, presenters focused on human responses, measuring neurotransmitters and the struggles of essential oils “playing nice” during the "Creating Loyal Scents: The Science of Fragrances and Marketing to the Senses" session.

Supporting Sellers is Key to Formulating for Direct Sales Industry

Catherine Ehrenberger, IFSCC day two keynote speaker, shared that formulators for direct-selling companies need to have a different view of quality, keep products easy to demonstrate and remember who their business owners are.

Music, Rides, Zombies and the Paparazzi Punctuate IFSCC's Social Night

Last night was the IFSCC 2016 social night at Epcot. To say that attendees hade a great time would be an understatement.

Estée Lauder VP Stresses Multi-disciplinary Networking Key to Innovation

Carl Haney, vice president Estée Lauder Companies and keynote speaker at IFSCC, captivated attendees during the first day of the event by sharing where innovation is happening.

Fireworks, Formulating and Friends: IFSCC Congress Kicks Off

Setting: Poolside, on a perfectly balmy night. Swaying palm trees frame the scene, back-lit from distant fireworks. The IFSCC opening reception begins, drawing together friends and formulators from around the globe.

CEW Achievers Focus on Inclusivity, Innovation and Risk-taking

What today's beauty leaders had to say about success, failure and their careers in the industry.

PODCAST: IFSCC Brings Spectacular Science and Ponchos (Just in Case)

"This year's IFSCC Congress will be spectacular—and the best one yet," Guy Padulo, event chair, promises. Listen to this podcast to learn more.

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