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BSB Awards Raw Material and Cosmetic Innovation

BSB Beratungs und Servicebüro Dr. Riedel (Dr. Riedel Consulting Services Agency) awarded innovation in the personal care industry at in-cosmetics.

Suppliers’ Day Focuses on Naturals

The annual New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NY SCC) Suppliers’ Day, May 13-14, had a significant focus on naturals in 2008.

One-way Communication in Personal Care

The personal care industry communicates often, organizing conferences, talking to one another and filling cosmetic journals, magazines and periodicals with writings. The objective of the industry, when push comes to shove, is to sell. But if the industry wants to sell, it would make sense for the industry to talk to customers.

Actives: Testing for Efficacy

Cosmetic actives remain of high interest as consumers demand products giving noticeable results. As new routes to trigger mechanisms of action are uncovered, testing for efficacy becomes key.

Strategic Innovation

In the tight niche of cosmetics and personal care R&D, competition is heated. Demand from regulators, consumers, marketing and more push innovations and innovators above and beyond expectation.

Day Three of in-cosmetics Culminates New Tech Information

In similar form, day three of in-cosmetics exhibited a number of new technologies in the personal care market, enlightening its attendees and giving them a preview of the future of cosmetics formulation.

Day Two Of in-cosmetics Emerges with Abundant Technology

The second day of in-cosmetics debuted the emergence of many new personal care technologies, ingredients and formulations. The following snapshot is just a peak at some of the industry's newest innovations.

In-cosmetics Day One Unveils New Technologies

At the first day of in-cosmetics 2008, a wealth of new technologies were unveiled.

Antiqua Prima's Root to Discuss the Green Supply Chain

Laura Root, director of product development for Antiqua Prima, will discuss substitution of synthetics with naturals, the discovery process and more at C&T magazine's Green Summit.

C&T Green Summit Welcomes Final Speaker Addition

Laura Root, director of product development for Antiqua Prima, has been added to the C&T magazine’s Green Summit speaker lineup to discuss “the natural/green" supply chain.

Time is Running Out to Get Green!

There are only two more weeks to register online and by mail for C&T magazine's Green Summit.

SpecialChem Offers Cosmeceutical Course

The blended industry of cosmeceuticals continues to grow; however, as it develops, many may still be questioning what exactly it entails.

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