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[in-cosmetics Global] Thinking Greener: Alternative Materials and Processes

Supplier companies have turned chemistries around and upside-down in attempt to replace traditional technologies or processes with greener, more viable options.

[in-cosmetics Global] Social Responsibility, Empowerment and Measuring Up

Perhaps one of the most novel aspects of sustainability presented at in-cosmetics this year was how to measure it.

[in-cosmetics Global] Sustainability Sustained at in-cosmetics

This series explores the three main approaches suppliers and manufacturers are taking toward sustainability, as presented during in-cosmetics Global. These include: social responsibility and empowerment; measuring sustainability; and greener chemistries and processes.

[video] That's a Wrap: Top News the Week of 4/28/2017 from Cosmetics & Toiletries

Did you see The Scripps Research Institute discovered a new chemical reaction process? And Korean scientists found fingerroot to have interesting nutricosmetic benefits? If you missed this week's news, you missed out. Check out the video re-cap!

[in-cosmetics Global] Premium Beauty Market Figures and Top-growing Brands

Euromonitor provided growth projections and current highlights for color cosmetics, hair care and skin care.

[in-cosmetics Global] Millennial Beauty Consumers by the Numbers

87% find their looks and appearance in general to be important, and 60% desire to stand out from the crowd.

[in-cosmetics Global] New Solutions for Sensitive Skin

Innovations from Evonik and Mibelle show the range of technology emerging on the market.

[in-cosmetics Global] Recharge the Skin

Skin-centric innovation from Lipotrue and Merck.

[in-cosmetics Global] Extra-Sensory Beauty Innovations

The latest innovations from Evonik, Lucas Meyer/IFF, Chemyunion, Innospec, Brenntag and Symrise.

[in-cosmetics Global] Aging Well

The latest innovations for aging consumers from Lipotec, Lipotrue, Silab and Merck.

[in-cosmetics Global] Food-inspired Beauty

The latest food-derived ingredients and product formats from Biesterfeld, Naturex, Inolex and Brenntag.

[in-cosmetics Global] Anti-pollution Product Concepts

New ingredients and concepts launched by DSM, Naturex and Chemyunion.

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