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The Future of Spas and Wellness: Saunas in the Limelight

Saunas have been shown to positively affect skin, including protecting its surface pH and hydration, among other benefits. Research shows essential oils can affect central nervous system functioning beyond smell; although their combined effects with saunas on biophysical parameters are yet to be investigated.

4 Ways Active Ingredients Can Drive Consumer-preferred Beauty Innovation

New report outlines leading innovation areas, as well as recent examples in products and ingredients.

Why the Color Cosmetics Market Has Slowed Down in 2017

"As consumers increasingly express interest in facial makeup that incorporates skincare-related claims, it’s likely these claims will continue expanding into the cosmetics category."

Natural Lipstick Market Rises 6.5% When Luxury and Wellness Meet

Rising concerns over health and wellness will boost the natural and organic lipstick market by 2023, according to new data from Market Research Future.

The Oral Care Market is Expected to Reach $40.92 Billion by 2025

Grand View Research attributes this growth to the rising awareness of oral hygiene among consumers, an increase in dental caries (aka cavities) and innovative dental care product development.

Hello Halal: Mainstream Beauty Welcomes Halal Cosmetics

Global Cosmetic Industry takes a closer look at this dynamically expanding market sector and how halal cosmetic products can be marketed in the mainstream beauty industry to both Muslim and non-practicing Muslim consumers.

Global Skin Care Market: Driven by Innovation

Ingredient companies are offering new innovations to support the expansion of skin care rituals.

Skin Care Slows But Naturals and Dermocosmetics Prevail*

Seizing and disrupting niche categories provides new opportunities but depends on the category’s concentration in a given market. Growth in the skin care market is anticipated to slow, with pockets of strength in naturals and dermocosmetics.

Global Acne Market Pops to $7,348 Million by 2025

Younger acne-sufferers, heightened demand and improved formulations are helping the global acne market to rise to $7,348 million by 2025, according to new findings by Persistence Market Research.

Global Hair Care: Are the Bad Hair Days Over?

Healthier consumer priorities have strengthened the desire for milder, sustainable hair care formulations. Claims such as probiotic and gluten-free, are making their way from food labels to skin care jars, and eventually to hair care bottles.

Sex Lubricant Market on the Rise

Abstaining from many (not all) of the dirty puns we could slide into this report, here we describe what's behind the growing and virile personal lubricants market.

SLIDESHOW: Perfection Is Out and Balance Is In: Beauty & Wellness

Lessons from FounderMade’s NYC Wellness Summit: what Tata Harper and the founder of Mother Dirt have to say about where beauty is headed.

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