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[UPDATE] Men Are More Open to Ingestible Skin Care Than Women

"Men have long been growing in importance as consumers of skincare, and our research shows this applies to ingestible products just as much as topical. The potential of the male beauty from within market is huge.”

70% of Cocotique Subscribers Prefer to Wear Hair Natural

"Women of color have a wide range of textures and it's difficult to determine which product works best for a particular texture. It's important for companies to embrace and celebrate this uniqueness."

[podcast] How Nutrition Translates to Beauty, Part IV: Consumer and Client Interest

Are consumers and clients interested in or demanding nutricosmetic products? This five-part podcast series with Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D., and Alan Dattner, M.D., considers the impact of nutrition on beauty. In part IV, we consider consumer demand.

The ‘Skin’ Crowd: Emerging Trends for Technology in Skin Care

As skin care becomes more scientific, consumers are making it a point to better understand their products. Apps and brands tailoring to the consumer experience are amassing a growing following, leading to shifts in purchasing dynamics.

Cleaning up: Cleaning Agents Anticipated to Reach $11.61 Billion by 2025

In 2016, the SLS, SLES and LAS surfactant markets were valued at $8.23 billion but new indicators suggest an upswing.

Survey: Dry Skin in the Winter is Among the Biggest Woes for Americans

In honor of Winter Skin Relief Day, on January 8, CeraVe's Winter Skin Relief Day survey, conducted online by Harris Poll, asked more than 2,000 U.S. adults how they really feel about dry skin during winter.

[digital exclusive] Following the #Selfcaremovement

The criteria for cosmetics as “affordable luxuries” have expanded in response to the demand for a better quality of life. Beauty brands can expect to find consumers increasingly interested in content and products promoted with a can-do mindset, and where health and wellness are a whole-self effort.

Shiseido Tech Takes Personalization to the Exposome

How can custom skin care become more customized? Shiseido believes by plotting skin conditions in real-time as a function of environmental factors. A new smart phone-driven system does just that.

Beauty and Personal Care Trends for 2018

In 2017, the industry saw massive growth in customization, augmented reality (AR) beauty and small but mighty indie brands. In 2018, some trends will remain, while new ones are preparing to take center stage.

Editor's Note: Blowing You Away

The winds of change have stoked a fire beneath what generally has been considered a niche market segment: multicultural beauty. Why? Learn more in this edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries.

Opportunity in Diversity: Formulating for the Multiethnic Market

The expanding multicultural beauty market provides opportunity to formulate products specifically to the needs of ethnic skin types. Pigmentation is not the only difference between black and Caucasian skin, the skin barrier and other factors come into play.

What Women Want: Natural vs. Premium Foundation

The report takes a closer look at how women define the terms "natural" and "premium" when it comes to foundation to better ascertain the top differentiators of natural foundations.

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