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Beauty and Personal Care Trends for 2018

In 2017, the industry saw massive growth in customization, augmented reality (AR) beauty and small but mighty indie brands. In 2018, some trends will remain, while new ones are preparing to take center stage.

Editor's Note: Blowing You Away

The winds of change have stoked a fire beneath what generally has been considered a niche market segment: multicultural beauty. Why? Learn more in this edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries.

Opportunity in Diversity: Formulating for the Multiethnic Market

The expanding multicultural beauty market provides opportunity to formulate products specifically to the needs of ethnic skin types. Pigmentation is not the only difference between black and Caucasian skin, the skin barrier and other factors come into play.

What Women Want: Natural vs. Premium Foundation

The report takes a closer look at how women define the terms "natural" and "premium" when it comes to foundation to better ascertain the top differentiators of natural foundations.

Tomato or Not Tomato, That is the Skin Care Question

A recent survey shows that consumers are aware of the benefits that lycopene-rich tomatoes have on skin health.

Big-Time Color Cravings in the Salon Hair Care Industry

According to a recent Kline Group blog post titled, “How Colorful is the Salon Hair Care Industry?” there have never been so many facets of color in the salon hair care industry.

Sunny Standpoint on Awareness: UK Consumers on UV, Visible Light and Infrared Protection

Clients who invest regularly in skin care answered questions regarding UV, visible light and infrared protection. These answers give a snapshot of U.K. consumers' understanding of, and willingness to adopt, sun protection.

66% of Americans Don't Protect Skin Against Pollution

"There's a real opportunity for the beauty industry to take more action to help protect our skin against harmful airborne toxins.”

Meet the Product Junkie

Why curly haired women and girls buy more than twice as much hair product as their straight-haired friends.

Why Brands Should Pay Attention to YouTube's Diverse Beauty Space

The diverse beauty space grew nine times in 2016 over what it was in 2015. The space has garnered over 740 million views, 7,000 channels, 21,000 videos and 1 million Facebook shares

Pinterest Predicts the Top 5 Beauty Trends of 2017

From charcoal to chrome, Pinterest reveals their predictions for the top five beauty trends of 2017.

Will Break for Turkey: Be Back Monday, Nov. 28

2016 Thanksgiving Consumer Shopping Facts

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