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Beauty and Personal Care Trends for 2018

In 2017, the industry saw massive growth in customization, augmented reality (AR) beauty and small but mighty indie brands. In 2018, some trends will remain, while new ones are preparing to take center stage.

[video] Top 10 Trends from the Korean Beauty 'Underground'

What's so alluring about K-Beauty? We had to see for ourselves. Join us as we take to Seoul's underground shopping scene, where we emerged with new insights and our top 10 trend picks.

The Future of Spas and Wellness: Saunas in the Limelight

Saunas have been shown to positively affect skin, including protecting its surface pH and hydration, among other benefits. Research shows essential oils can affect central nervous system functioning beyond smell; although their combined effects with saunas on biophysical parameters are yet to be investigated.

Editor's Note: Blowing You Away

The winds of change have stoked a fire beneath what generally has been considered a niche market segment: multicultural beauty. Why? Learn more in this edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries.

Opportunity in Diversity: Formulating for the Multiethnic Market

The expanding multicultural beauty market provides opportunity to formulate products specifically to the needs of ethnic skin types. Pigmentation is not the only difference between black and Caucasian skin, the skin barrier and other factors come into play.

4 Ways Active Ingredients Can Drive Consumer-preferred Beauty Innovation

New report outlines leading innovation areas, as well as recent examples in products and ingredients.

What Women Want: Natural vs. Premium Foundation

The report takes a closer look at how women define the terms "natural" and "premium" when it comes to foundation to better ascertain the top differentiators of natural foundations.

Asia Pacific Rides the 'Grey Wave' With 37% of the World's Anti-Aging Launches

“Aging is a global issue, particularly in South Korea, Japan and China – countries that are most affected by a rapidly greying population. As such, it makes sense that these North Asian markets are at the forefront of anti-aging beauty within Asia Pacific."

Why the Color Cosmetics Market Has Slowed Down in 2017

"As consumers increasingly express interest in facial makeup that incorporates skincare-related claims, it’s likely these claims will continue expanding into the cosmetics category."

Natural Lipstick Market Rises 6.5% When Luxury and Wellness Meet

Rising concerns over health and wellness will boost the natural and organic lipstick market by 2023, according to new data from Market Research Future.

The Oral Care Market is Expected to Reach $40.92 Billion by 2025

Grand View Research attributes this growth to the rising awareness of oral hygiene among consumers, an increase in dental caries (aka cavities) and innovative dental care product development.

Exploragen Debuts DNA-based Mobile Apps to Deliver Personalized Insights

"As our understanding of DNA deepens, the opportunity for insightful applications will only expand. From monitoring sleep patterns and caffeine metabolism to optimizing fitness and personalizing cosmetics and other consumer products and services, the possibilities are endless."

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