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Market Watch

Corneocare and Comfort Science
By: Katerina Steventon, PhD, FaceWorkshops
At the Skin Forum 2013 event in London, the seven pillars of “corneocare,” were introduced, which targeted: the epidermal tissue at the molecular, cellular and structural level; epidermal function; tactile experience; appearance and sensation. This is one of the first concepts in personal care to close the gap between consumer perception and a scientific approach.
Hair Conference Investigates Biology and Material Science of Hair
By: Trefor Evans, T.A. Evans LLC
A running joke has developed at past hair science meetings that the hair research world comprises two camps– “The Friends of the Follicle,” whose focus resides in the biology, and “The Dead Fiber Club,” whose interest lies with the complex material science of this remarkable substrate.


Seppic Unveils Lipoamino Acid Whitening Booster for Japanese Market
Seppic has created a skin whitening booster specifially to comply with quasi-drug (QD) regulations in Japan.
KahlWax Introduces Natural and Organic Waxes
At in-cosmetics Asia, KahlWax will present a versatile rice-bran wax that can be used to lend consistency to oil gels such as lipsticks, hair wax and mascara.
Silab Introduces Milk Thistle for Slimming/Anti-cellulite Effect
Silab has introduced a milk thistle extract designed to produce a slimming and anti-cellulite effect.

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