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Market Watch

Boots Utilizes X-Rite Colorimeter to Provide Custom Consumer Shade Matching
Boots UK has teamed up with X-Rite to offer a shade matching service in 668 U.K. stores. The No7 Match Made Service uses a handheld X-Rite (parent company of Pantone) spectrocolorimeter to identify the color of a customer's skin, then precisely targets the closest matches among 17 colors of No7 foundations across a number of formats.
Researcher Synthesizes Human Elastin Precursor for Anti-aging Benefits
While researching a method to regrow fingers and tissues injured in war, and heal battlefield wounds with reduced scarring, Burt Ensley, PhD, developed a synthesized precursor to human elastin that can reduce facial wrinkles and sagging when applied topically.


Silicone Hair Volumizer and Conditioner
Chemsil has combined a cationic hindered amino silicone polymer with an organic quaternium salt to create a microemulsion that increases hair volume while conditioning in conditioning hair formulations.
Addressing Melanin and Irritation for an Even Skin Tone
Laboratoires Expanscience has processed schizandra berries to create an active that soothes redness and irritation while decreasing melanin synthesis for a more even complexion

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