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Cosmetics & Toiletries


New Anti-dandruff Target Identified
In a recent study, researchers found that an enzyme from the dandruff-causing pathogen Malassezia globosa provides a potential new anti-dandruff target.
Patent Picks—Microencapsulation, Maillard Reaction and Ether Guanidines for Antiperspirants
By: Rachel L. Grabenhofer
Chosen biweekly for their relevance to personal care, "Patent Picks" are taken from publicly available sources. This edition features technologies related to antimicrobial, antiperspirant and deodorant applications.


Film-former Silicone Emulsions for Hair
Wacker showcased a new generation of aminofunctional film-forming silicone emulsions for hair care applications at this year’s FCE Cosmetique in São Paulo, Brazil.
Read the Label Online—Tom's of Maine Naturally Dry
By: Susan Raffy, Susan Raffy Consulting
“The first antiperspirant made entirely from ingredients from nature,” is a pretty strong claim for a product category that is well-established; but without comparing it to every other antiperspirant on the market, one cannot definitively say whether it is the “first” or not.

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