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Until an Organic Surfactant Exists

Today’s society is becoming more eco-conscious and as such, consumers want to see natural and organic products now—for a reasonable price and labeled clearly. While it is difficult to create a natural and organic skin care product, it is even more so to formulate an organic or natural hair care product.

Mildness Meets Greenness

Alkyl polyglucoside surfactants are obtained from renewable, plant-derived raw materials. Compatibility test results and exemplary formulations presented here show that alkyl polyglucosides enable cosmetic chemists to formulate mild body cleansing formulations that fulfill the new “green” formulation trend and enable the formulation of alkyl sulfate-free and ethoxylate-free cleansing concepts.

McIntyre Awarded Patent on Surfactant Compositions

McIntyre Group was awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,282,524 for its alkanolamide emulsion technology.

Effect of Branching on Surfactant Properties of Sulfosuccinates

Sulfosuccinates, most commonly either ethoxylated or amido products, have been around for a long time and are used to provide foam, detergency and wetting in formulations. In this article, their wetting and foam attributes are evaluated, examining the effect of branching on these key surfactant properties.

Conditioning, Cleansing Solutions from Rhodia

Rhodia has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of two raw materials to condition and cleanse.

Mixed Fatty/Silicone Surfactant Systems

This article investigates some of the interactions between silicone surfactants and fatty surfactants. Mixtures of these two very different classes of materials can be used by the formulator to alter the aesthetics, maximize effects and minimize costs in personal care formulations.

Surfactant vs. Silicone Surfactant

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick explores the differences between surfactants and silicone surfactants.

Bench & Beyond: Branching for Mildness with Sulfosuccinates

This column surveys a few US patents that explore the effects of branching in the sulfosuccinate molecule and the extent of sulfosuccinate branching into new personal care applications.

ARD and Oleo Team Up to Create Green Surfactants

ARD and Oleon NV have joined forces and created Wheatoleo, a 50/50 joint venture focused on green surfactants.

NaCl vs. SLS Solutions

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick explains the difference between NaCl (salt) solution and a solution of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

Sulfate-free Cleansers

With proper formulating techniques, sulfate-free cleansers that offer improved mildness and conditioning are possible. This article will present formulations based on alternate surfactant systems to provide the performance required for the specific applications.

Surfactants Word Search

Industry expert Ken Klein tests your formulating knowledge with a surfactants word search.

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