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Comparatively Speaking: Surface Tension in Water vs. in Formulation

Many published studies of surfactants use pure surfactant in distilled water. However, a formulation is almost never a single surfactant in water. Here, industry expert Tony O'Lenick compares the surface tension of a surfactant added in water with that in a formulation.

Comparatively Speaking: Aqueous Surfactant vs. Silicone Surfactant

Industry expert Anthony O'Lenick Jr. explains the difference between molecules that act like surfactants for aqueous systems versus oil systems.

Comparatively Speaking: Solubility in Surfactants vs. Compounds

Anthony J. O'Lenick provides a brief overview of solubility as the key to surfactant activity and compares it with compounds such as sodium chloride, for the benefit of novice formulators.

Natural Surfactants for Gentle, High Foam Cleansing

Colonial Chemical has introduced natural surfactants to provide mild cleansing and high foaming properties in wash-off applications including sulfate-free products.

Surfactants and Cleansing Products

Today, cleansing products are available in solid bar, liquid and gel forms and can be based on alkaline salts and synthetic and natural surfactants. When substituted for alkaline salts, synthetic and natural surfactants improve the foam structure and mildness of formulas.

Quillaja: Nature's Soap

The thick inner bark of Quillaja saponaria from the rain forests of Chile and Peru, known as soap bark tree, lathers when it is rubbed with water.

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