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Improving Hair Strength

This article describes hair structure and the results of tensile testing experiments on hair that had been treated with betaine. It postulates a possible theory for the improvement in hair strength.

Applications of Essential Fatty Acids in Skin Care, Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals

Skin benefits of essential fatty acids include enhancement of cell membrane structure and function, barrier maintenance and recovery, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effects and penetration enhancement. Their metabolism is described and their use in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals is surveyed.

A New Active from Germinated Seeds Boosts HSP Expression in Skin's Natural Defenses

A new active ingredient obtained from germinated seeds improves the natural skin defense by boosting HSP expression in the keratinocytes in response to stress exposure.

Protecting the Skin from Environmental Stresses with an Exopolysaccharide Formulation

A polysaccharide with a repetitive unit of 11 glycosidic residues has been found to exert properties such as skin repair, restructuring and protection against inflammatory processes, in a described formulation.

A Botanical Anti-Sagging/Firming Blend

The authors describe a proprietary blend of three standardized herbal extracts designed to assist in the alleviation of the visible signs of aging in human skin.

Topically-Applied Soy Isoflavones Increase Skin Thickness

The placebo-controlled study in humans has shown that soy isoflavones have a potent effect on the improvement of skin thickness in aged skin. The authors discuss the possible mechanisms of action.

New Laminin Peptide for Innovative Skin Care Cosmetics

A new oligo laminin peptide stimulates extracellular matrix biosynthesis and promotes cell adhesion, which is of great interest in tissue regeneration and the fight against aging.

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