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Wound-healing Properties of Catfish Secretion

Structural biologist Jamillah Zamoon, PhD, Kuwait’s first UNESCO-L’Oreal for Women in Science international fellow, has uncovered the healing properties of a secretion from a species of Kuwaiti catfish.

Hydrolyzed Soy Revs Skin Metabolism

Gattefosse has boosted oxygen consumption in cells and cellular renewal with its hydrolyzed soy protein, reducing the aging effects of urban pollutants and the environment on skin.

Silica Gel Fibers to Assist in Wound Healing

A new type of wound dressing made of silica gel fibers will soon help to heal skin wounds caused by burns or diabetes. The dressing forms a supporting matrix and is fully absorbed by the body.

'Pudding' It to the Test

Today’s personal care consumers want measurable proof that products work—and are sometimes even skeptical of that proof. It is important to maintain a sense of skepticism to ensure that the data obtained from an experiment actually means what the scientist thinks it means.

A DNA Repair Complex to Decrease Erythema and UV-induced CPD Formation

The authors describe how a DNA-repair complex based on amino acids decreases UV-induced DNA damage in reconstituted human skin and reduces related skin inflammation in human volunteers.

African Tiger Nut Extract for Antiaging

Produced from the African plant tiger nut, Silab's new antiaging ingredient reinforces the structure of the papillary dermis, boosting resilience and elasticity.

An Aquaporin-inspired Lipid Concentrate for Mature Skin

The authors describe a novel multi-lamellar concentrate based on ceramide technology and newly identified cell-signalling molecules. This skin-identical blend provides skin protection benefits and is shown to increase molecular markers for water management and barrier components that decline during aging, thus improving skin barrier function, moisturization and elasticity.

From the Sea: Algal Extracts for Skin Homeostasis

The authors discuss the abilities of marine-derived active ingredients to protect the skin from barrier disruption, aging, free radicals and inflammation. Four marine species are examined that provide such benefits via various sulfated polysaccharides and polyphenols.

Sea Buckthorn Emerges as MVP for Organic and Antiaging Products

Sea buckthorn oil, extracted from the seeds and berries, is a natural remedy for treating certain types of ulcers and skin conditions since it has healing and emollient properties.

Cosmetic Ingredient to Boost Cell Metabolism and Protein Synthesis in 60+ Skin

Sederma has created an active that addresses the affects of aging skin. The new ingredient reportedly is a complementary source of calcium and essential amino acids and is especially designed to reboost cell metabolism and protein synthesis.

Mushrooms in Personal Care

As the functional food trend heats up, the search is on for edible ingredients that have the most effective skin-enhancing actives.

Tech Edge--It’s Never Too Late: DNA Repair and Photo-aging

It is shown that the delivery of DNA repair enzymes using liposomes provides protection from DNA damage in vitro and in vivo, reduction in MMP-1 responses as a marker for photo-aging and lessened wrinkling in a clinical trial.

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