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Yeast-derived Barrier Repair Active

Silab has introduced an active derived from Torulaspora delbrueckii that is said to improve the barrier function of the epidermis.

Restoring Essential Hair Fiber Lipids with Quaternized 18-MEA

Of the fatty acids, 18-MEA appears to be lost to the greatest extent; therefore, it is necessary to restore18-MEA to maintain healthy hair. It has been found that Cutissential Behenyl 18-MEA and Cutissential 18-MEA 40 can help replenish the 18-MEA that is depleted from the hair surface.

Elicitation of Rice Tissue Culture to Maximize Skin Epigenetic Modulation

Meristem cells of Himalayan red rice were cultured and elicited to produce secondary metabolites. Through an in vitro assay, rejuvenation was shown at the epigenetic level of treated cells. An increased expression of dermatopontin in keratinocytes, besides being a novel finding, implies that ReGeniStem™ Red Rice may be able to firm the skin and improve the skin barrier function.

Flax Seed for Skin Lipid Restoration

International Specialty Products (ISP) has sourced flax seed to design an ingredient that boosts skin lipid synthesis in the stratum corneum for optimized lipidic homeostasis and improved skin protection.

Oral and Topical Echium Oil for Skin Benefits

In the present article, the oral administration of echium oil is shown to increase collagen levels in the skin as well as barrier functioning and skin conductance. When applied topically, the oil increases dermal structural proteins, which results in a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and inhibits UV-induced inflammation.

Milk Protein for Renewal of Damaged, Aged Skin

A purified fraction of colostrum from P.L. Thomas has been designed to assist fibroblasts in performing metabolic activities to promote healthy collagen fibers in skin following abrasion treatments.

Therapeutic Peptides in Aged Skin

Here, published work on peptides and proteins, their characteristics, and randomized efficacy data are examined.

ECM-derived Tetrapeptide to Counterbalance ECM Degeneration

Degradation of dermal and epidermal proteins and the reduced proliferation of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the dermis occur during aging. Thus, antiaging technologies must to correct these deficiencies to induce skin regeneration and combat the signs of aging. Data presented here demonstrates that ECM-derived tetrapeptides have the potential to counterbalance ECM degeneration.

Amino Acid Derivative Developed for Environmental Protection

Shiseido researchers have discovered a protein involved in blocking the skin barrier function and has developed an effective amino acid derivative for inhibiting the production of this protein.

Grapefruit Extract for Phase II Enzyme Formation

This grapefruit extract stimulates the formation of phase II enzymes, which strongly support the outward transfer and later destruction of toxins and chemicals from skin cells.

Polyelectrolyte Complex for Mending Damaged Hair

Complexity theory is used here to explain the formation and properties of polyelectrolyte complexes, whereby organized structures built through self-association exhibit synergistic properties. These materials can create new compounds and offer new benefits, as shown by the present work in which a complex based on PVM/MA copolymer and polyquaternium-28 is used to treat damaged hair.

Addressing Inflamation with Resveratrol

The resulting biofermentation extract completely metabolizes the resveratrol, affording anti-inflammatory and Collagen IV synthesis activity to target micro-inflammation and maintain the structural integrity of skin cells through the dermal epidermal junction (DEJ).

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