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Optimizing Formula Preservation

To ensure that a consumer-ready product is safe, an appropriate preservation strategy must be established for the development, manufacture and packaging of the formula, thus eliminating unacceptable levels of organisms such as pathogenic bacteria, fungi and mold that could grow and pose a health hazard to the consumer.

Boosting Preservative Efficacy With Propanediol

This article investigates the ability of Zemea (INCI: Propanediol) to boost preservative efficacy in an aqueous personal care formulation. This 100% bio-based propanediol is a colorless, pure glycol alternative derived from a sustainable, renewable corn fermentation process. The testing was conducted using standardized microbiology guidelines, known as preservative efficacy testing or challenge tests.

Measuring Synergy

Because it is rare to find a single preservative that is broad spectrum enough to inhibit the different species of microbes, the synergistic use of multiple preservatives in cosmetics is useful.

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