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Caramel as a Natural Colorant

Caramel has been used in personal care for years as a natural colorant and with continuing consumer demand for natural products, it provides an interesting option to formulators. The present article explains the different classifications of caramel and how they can be used in personal care formulations.

Bold, Pearlescent Pigments for Eye Makeup

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments will introduce bold effect pearlescent pigments for eye makeup at In-Cosmetics in Paris.

Solid Polyethylene Microspheres for Effects in Color Cosmetics

Advances in manufacturing solid polyethylene microspheres have enabled their development in various colors as well as controlled traits such as opacity, specific gravity, particle size distribution and electrostatic charge. These traits can be leveraged by formulators to create new effects in color cosmetics, described here.

Comparatively Speaking: Dye vs. Pigment

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick explains the difference between a dye and a pigment, touching upon solubility and affinity for a substrate.

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