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Color Cosmetic Pearls to Add Soft Focus and Reduce Wrinkles

Skin Performance Laboratories (SP Labs), an operation of Créations Couleurs, has introduced small color pearls that optimize soft focus effect and film-forming capacity of color cosmetics.

Aveda Re-launches Uruku Makeup with Annato Pigment

Aveda will re-launch the Uruku makeup collection with annato, a rich red pigment derived from the seeds of the urukum shrub.

Bold and Pearlescent Cosmetic Pigments

Sun Chemical has introduced a new pigment line that provides 10 new shades of intense color and pearlescent luster.

Neelikon Offers Personal Care Pigments

Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Limited now offers a range of colors for cosmetic and personal care applications.

P&G Reduces Fiber Damage with New Technology

Procter & Gamble (P&G) Beauty has uncovered a new hair color chemistry that delivers color with less fiber damage.

Pigments, Pigments, Everywhere...

Korean scientists are fundamentally different in their approach to cosmetics. They are just that little bit smarter than the rest of us, in that they use pigments to fill up lines and wrinkles for immediate antiaging benefits.

New Black Pigment Approved By FDA

D&C Black No. 3, or "bone black," has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for formulation into eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and face powder.

Encapsulated Organic Colorants to Mimic Naturally Flawless Skin

In the present study, researchers discuss the benefits of using encapsulated organic colorants in cosmetic foundations, including higher chroma shades with tunable opacity, increased color variation of the foundation and a surface energy profile optimized to skin.

Ciba Launches Pigment Line at in-cosmetics

Ciba entered the decorative cosmetics market with a new line of cosmetic grade pigments.

A Controllable Progressive Hair Dye Process

Product innovation consistently sparks new consumer interest in hair coloring. The application of the product must be convenient and simple; therefore, a gradual color-enhancement shampoo is a preferred choice for its ease of application and needless color commitment.

Bench & Beyond: Red and Wed in Indian Traditional Color Cosmetics

This column discusses the different decorative cosmetics used in Indian tradition.

BASF Focuses on Effects Pigments

BASF Corp. will hone in on four themes for 2008 color cosmetic trends: calming, narrative, resonating and polychromatic.

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