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T-shaped Siloxane Microemulsion for Improved Hair Conditioning and Protection

Described here is a T-shaped cationic siloxane incorporated in a microemulsion to provide a high silicone character material with balanced solubility and high hair substantivity. Wet and dry combability and hair feel were evaluated by panelists, while combing force measurements and differential scanning calorimetry measured conditioning and heat protection, respectively. Color washfastness also was tested using a spectrophotometer.

Amodimethicone Cationic Emulsion for Hair Care Conditioning

Chemsil Silicones Inc. has introduced a 35% active cationic emulsion for improved conditioning deposition in hair care applications.

BASF Partners with GIZ and Cargill for Sustainable Coconut Oil

BASF and Cargill have partnered with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to develop a certified coconut oil supply chain to enhance sustainability and improve the livelihoods of 2,500 coconut growers in the Philippines.

Silicone Hair Volumizer and Conditioner

Chemsil has combined a cationic hindered amino silicone polymer with an organic quaternium salt to create a microemulsion that increases hair volume while conditioning in conditioning hair formulations.

Croda Acquires Assets of Innovachem, LLC

Acquisition adds patented product portfolio to Croda’s range of ingredients, including a quaternized panthenol and multifunctional emollient ester with enhanced skin conditioning functionality.

Botanically Derived Emollient Base for Youthful Hydration

Floratech has introduced a botanically derived emollient base that delivers the human skin lipid profile of a healthy 22-year-old.

Baobab Oil and Vegetable Glycerin Emollients

Natural Sourcing has added baobab oil and vegetable-derived glycerin to its ingredient offering.

Rhubarb Molecule for Skin Moisturization

Provital utilized an extract of rhubarb to restore moisture to the skin and prevent future moisture loss.

Grass-based Moisturizing Powder for Color Cosmetics

Sederma has sourced a species of grass to allow for the creation of moisturizing powder makeup.

Natto Gum Skin Moisturizers From Fermented Soybeans

CP Kelco has introduced a line of biopolymers derived from fermented soybeans that offer moisturization benefits to skin care.

Argan Oil for Skin, Hair Protection

Arista Industries now offers argan oil with benefits for skin and hair care, including protection against premature aging, UV damage and environmental stresses. It is also a gentle moisturizer.

Film-former Silicone Emulsions for Hair

Wacker showcased a new generation of aminofunctional film-forming silicone emulsions for hair care applications at this year’s FCE Cosmetique in São Paulo, Brazil.

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