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Sucrose Ester Multilamellar Emulsifiers for Skin Moisturization

In the present article, a topical emulsifier blend comprising two sucrose esters at low use levels and one solid fatty alcohol is described. This composition was designed to make the use of sucrose esters in formulations more cost-effective. The blend is shown to form multilamellar liquid crystalline networks for various benefits including skin moisturization, which is assessed here.

Lipoid Forms Lipoid Kosmetik AG and Introduces Liposomal-encapsulated Plant Waters

The Lipoid Group has renamed its cosmetic activities Lipoid Kosmetik AG to reflect its acquisition of Cosmetochem AG. The newly formed company has also launched a line of plant-derived waters encapsulated in liposomes.

Assessing the Targeting Conditioning Performance of Cationic Polymers

The distribution of a conditioning shampoo’s cationic polymers and silicone oils along the hair fiber defines its performance. Therefore in the present paper, researchers conduct spectroscopy and microscopy measurements to assess the polymer and silicone deposition of various conditioning systems on hair fibers, the results of which are used to compare efficacy.

Antioxidant and Moisturizing Watermelon Seed Oil

Botanic Innovations has launched a watermelon seed oil from Africa that has antioxidant and skin moisturizing benefits.

Mintel Sees Rise in Moisturization Claims and Water Innovation

Mintel sees an uptick in consumer demand for products that feature hydration and moisturization, and more and more beauty brands are innovating using water.

Air Products Adds Moisture Retention Active to ROVI Line

Air Products improves moisture retention with the latest addition to its ROVI cosmetic active ingredient portfolio.

AAK Debuts Shea-based, Eco-friendly Ester

AAK Personal Care has extended its Lipex line of shea-based functional emollients with an eco-designed ester.

AAK Debuts Shea-based, Eco-friendly Ester

AAK Personal Care has extended its Lipex line of shea-based functional emollients with an eco-designed ester.

Improving Skin Moisturization with Polyglycerol-derived Plant Waxes

While the claims used for skin care are becoming more and more varied, moisturization remains the priority. In this article, a method of improving the moisturization of cosmetics is described involving the use of a polyglycerol-derived blend of vegetable waxes to protect the skin from dehydration and to boost the moisturizing capacity of emulsions.

T-shaped Siloxane Microemulsion for Improved Hair Conditioning and Protection

Described here is a T-shaped cationic siloxane incorporated in a microemulsion to provide a high silicone character material with balanced solubility and high hair substantivity. Wet and dry combability and hair feel were evaluated by panelists, while combing force measurements and differential scanning calorimetry measured conditioning and heat protection, respectively. Color washfastness also was tested using a spectrophotometer.

Kline Provides Insights on Global Beauty Ingredient Market

The global market for beauty ingredients such as surfactants and polymers is dynamic, with a variety of factors—including emerging markets and eco-friendly trends—pushing it forward.

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