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Properties of Vegetal Oil-based Creams in Skin Care

Tocopherols and tocotrienols are the major constituents of almond oil, safflower oil and palm oil. They are necessary for the normal growth and metabolism of healthy skin. These oils were formulated in nourishing skin care products and massage creams as part of stable o/w emulsions and were found to have excellent storage stability, flow properties, spreadability and moisturizing properties.

Using Proteins to Impart Conditioning Benefits to Hair

The performance benefits of both animal and plant-based protein biopolymers have been known to personal care formulators for decades. Among the many applications for these naturally-derived ingredients, proteins have the ability to impart a multitude of conditioning benefits to hair because of the close similarity of their chemical composition to that of the hair.

Grant Addresses Chapped Winter Skin with Intense Hydration Series

Grant Industries will be presenting its Intense Hydration Series at the California chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists' Suppliers' Day (CaliSCC).

Xiameter Introduces Paraben-free Silicone Hair Conditioner

Dow Corning has added a paraben-free silicone emulsion for hair conditioning to its Xiameter brand offerings.

Testing Polysilicone-19 for Hair Conditioning and UV Protection Claims

Polysilicone-19, a new cationic siloxane copolymer for rinse-off shampoos and conditioners, is shown here to protect dyed hair against UV fading and damage and to provide a conditioning effect.

Polyquaternium-74: An Advanced Hair Conditioning Polymer

Polyquaternium-74 is a synthetic high performance conditioning polymer whose flocculation and deposition characteristics enable it to match or outperform traditional conditioning polymers in detangling, overall hair conditioning, shine enhancement and buildup reduction when combined, as shown here, with a submicron dimethicone emulsion. Benefits are noted for 2-in-1 shampoo formulations.

A Micro-wax Dispersion to Condition Hair and Reduce Breakage

Here, a micro-wax dispersion is shown to provide conditioning and anti-hair breakage properties. The authors incorporated the material into test shampoos, compared them with two silicone-based benchmarks, and found the micro-wax shampoos provided comparable conditioning and improved hair breakage prevention performance. Results were confirmed in a hair washing test.

Profile of Glycerin

Glycerin is a unique and versatile chemical with numerous applications; to adequately cover all of the aspects of this compound in a short column would be impossible. Therefore, this column will highlight some key facts about glycerin, but interested readers are encouraged to pursue further, more comprehensive reading on the ingredient.

Dow Combines HA with Polyquaternium-67 For Longer Moisturization

Dow Consumer & Industrial Solutions has introduced a moisturizing complex comprised of hyaluronic acid and polyquaternium-67.

Orthorhombic Phase Stabilization for Internal Occlusion: A New Mechanism for Skin Moisturization

While humectants and occlusive agents are the most commonly accepted approaches to moisturize skin, earlier work indicates a third approach: orthorhombic phase stabilization. In the present article, the author describes this novel mechanism of hydration and its detection by conventional and nonconventional methods, suggesting this approach could serve as a basis for all skin moisturizing therapies.

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