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Cognis Introduces Conditioning Wax

Cognis Care Chemicals. has introduced a new power conditioning concept.

Vitamin Compound

DSM Nutritional Products introduces a vitamin compound for formulation in hair care and skin care products.

Mending Split Ends

International Specialty Products (ISP) has launched a complex it has formulated to mend split ends.

Chronobiology for Dry Skin Moisture

Cognis introduces a moisturizer designed by the company to account for the effects of chronobiology.

Croda Makes Hair Color EZ

Croda Inc. announces a new hair tint emulsifier.

Exclusive! Comparatively Speaking: Dimethicone vs. Alkyl Dimethicone

Tony O'Lenick asks: What's the difference between dimethicone and alkyl dimethicone? Rick Vrckovnik of Siltech LLC reponds.

Vegetable-based Emulsifier System

Degussa’s Goldschmidt Personal Care business launched a vegetable-based cationic emulsifier system for the formulation of o/w creams and lotions.

Quaternium-91: A New Multifunctional Hair Conditioning Ingredient

A new di-behenyl imidazolinium product, Quaternium-91, provides hair conditioning, hair softening, vitamin E delivery and hair color protection. This article compares Quaternium-91 conditioners to corresponding behentrimonium chloride conditioners, and correlates experimental results to salon subjective evaluations.

A New Sodium Hyaluronate for Skin Moisturization and Antiaging

A new cosmetic ingredient, produced by fermentation of Bacillus subtilis as a bioidentical polymer for natural sodium hyaluronate, shows benefits for moisturizing, antiwrinkle and skin firmness in clinical tests reported here.

Degussa Launches Cosmetic Wipes Technology

Degussa’s Goldschmidt Personal Care division has developed a new concentrate for wet wipe applications that is PEG-free.

Silicone Amino Elastomer Emulsion for Conditioning and Styling Performance

A nonionic emulsion based on silicone amino elastomer technology enhances hair conditioning and styling, as demonstrated in tests of combing force, curl retention, sensory characteristics, thermal protection and frizz control.

Mediating Shaving Irritation

Tocopheryl phosphate in its complexed form as disodium lauriminodipropionate tocopheryl phosphates mediates the clinical signs of irritated and sensitive skin, such as redness, folliculitis, stinging, and itching induced by shaving.

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