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Rainforest-inspired Tucuma Butter for Hair, Skin

Jarchem has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of rainforest-inspired butters and oils, a tucuma butter with high levels of vitamin A and other acids, to soften skin and revitalize hair.

Protecting Hair with Collagen

Waitiki Biosciences delivers moisture into the hair cuticle with its latest hair care offering based on low molecular weight chondroitin sulphate, small peptides and amino acids.

Comparatively Speaking: Emollient vs. Humectant

An emollient is a material that soothes and softens the skin. Most emollients used in personal care are lipids or silicones. Similarly, a humectant helps retain moisture in skin.

Antiaging Benefits of Topical and Oral Lutein

Research suggests that both topical and oral lutein can increase skin hydration and decrease skin lipid peroxidation, providing antiaging benefits to skin.

Painting an Image

Considering the demand for potent actives, this issue of C&T magazine features an article by Sabarinathan describing the nourishment of skin cell mitochondria as an antiaging approach. Also related to skin health, Wiechers considers orthorhombic phase stabilization as a novel mechanism for moisturization.

Orthorhombic Phase Stabilization for Internal Occlusion: A New Mechanism for Skin Moisturization

While humectants and occlusive agents are the most commonly accepted approaches to moisturize skin, earlier work indicates a third approach: orthorhombic phase stabilization. In the present article, the author describes this novel mechanism of hydration and its detection by conventional and nonconventional methods, suggesting this approach could serve as a basis for all skin moisturizing therapies.

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