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Antiaging Benefits of Topical and Oral Lutein

Research suggests that both topical and oral lutein can increase skin hydration and decrease skin lipid peroxidation, providing antiaging benefits to skin.

Painting an Image

Considering the demand for potent actives, this issue of C&T magazine features an article by Sabarinathan describing the nourishment of skin cell mitochondria as an antiaging approach. Also related to skin health, Wiechers considers orthorhombic phase stabilization as a novel mechanism for moisturization.

Orthorhombic Phase Stabilization for Internal Occlusion: A New Mechanism for Skin Moisturization

While humectants and occlusive agents are the most commonly accepted approaches to moisturize skin, earlier work indicates a third approach: orthorhombic phase stabilization. In the present article, the author describes this novel mechanism of hydration and its detection by conventional and nonconventional methods, suggesting this approach could serve as a basis for all skin moisturizing therapies.

Fruit Butters for Moisturization and Wrinkle Reduction

The butters not only offer a high level of moisturization, but will aid in cellular regeneration and free radical scavenging. The vitamin C content in these fruit butters will also aid in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines

A 'Green" Microemulsion for Improved Conditioning Performance of Shampoos

In the present article, a renewable ingredient microemulsion is formulated that is free from ethoxylates and sulfate groups. Used as an additive, the material boosts the conditioning performance of shampoos and improves wet-combing performance by affecting phase separation. In addition, base formulas for standard and “green” shampoos are discussed.

Buriti for Dry, Delicate or Damaged Skin

Featuring tonic and antioxidant properties, the agent has a regenerating and repairing effect on dry, damaged and delicate skin and is also used for regular care of hair and skin.

Balancing Desquamation and Hydration

This molecular film is formulated to optimize the delivery of the proteolytic enzyme papain to address proper moisturization following exfoliation to avoid abnormal desquamation.

Powder to Add Shine, Combability and Hydration to Hair

The powder is formulated with a natural vegetable-based cationic guar gum that was selected for its high substantivity and low build up. A low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate was chosen for its ability to quickly penetrate to the deeper layers of the epidermis to hydrate and bind water.

Biomimetic Polymer for Hair and Skin Protection

MPC is a compound that has a similar structure to the polar group of phospholipids in the cell membrane. Various materials can be obtained by using MPC.

Organic Oat Oil for Cosmeceuticals

CO2 Extracted Oat Oil, (INCI: Avena sativa (oat) extract), is organic and intended for formulation in cosmeceutical products.

Polypeptide Moisturizer for a Smooth Skin Feel

Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH has introduced a polypeptide moisturizer.

Moisturization, AQP-3 and Carcinoma Resistance

Moisturization is an essential part of skin care, reports Johann W. Wiechers, PhD. He adds that almost every chemical he has measured in his cosmetic life has demonstrated moisturizing benefits to human skin.

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