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Bench & Beyond: Insider Tips on Formulating with Fragrance

In 2008, Allured Publishing Corp. will release a new compilation, Fragrance in Personal Care. Tips on that topic are scattered throughout the book and collected in this column by the author for the convenience of formulators, and to give a sample of the range of contributors inside this book.

Natural vs. Essential Oil

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick compares and contrasts natural vs. essential oils.

A Naturally Fragranced Extract Line

TRI-K Industries has addressed the demand for natural fragrances with its latest personal care launch.

Fragrance Companies Venture into Organic

In response to the natural and organic trend in personal care products, fragrance companies now are developing organic options for formulations.

Fragrance vs. Flavor

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick asks Steve Herman, flavors and fragrance specialist, to contrast the two and explain product applications appropriate for each.

In Sight--Fragrance and Raw Materials: Birds of a Feather

There is more to fragrance formulation than meets the eye—or nose that is. Both raw material and fragrance formulators spend significant time in the lab testing different materials to determine which ingredients, oils, extracts, etc. best meet their formulation and consumer’s needs. And although fragrance and personal care are two different industries, the discovery processes prove similar.

MMDHCA Approved by RIFM

An RIFM article supported MMDHCA for formulation in fragrances for personal care.

Erythritol: A Multifunctional Natural Cariostatic Sweetening Agent in Oral Care

Erythritol is a multifunctional, natural cariostatic sweetener. Tests reported here show that erythritol as a cariostatic agent can be substituted for xylitol in toothpastes and mouthwashes with no ill effects on stability, viscosity or taste.

Treatt Introduces Green Tea Distillate

Treatt USA has expanded its From the Named Food (FTNF) Treattarome range.

Follow Your Nose: Identifying Odors

The Monell Chemical Senses Center has discovered a new observation linked to the sense of smell.

Cosmetics Has Gone Bananas

Treatt Plc., a worldwide ingredients supplier to the flavor and fragrances announces the launch of the latest addition to its ‘From the Named Food’ (FTNF) distillates.

Comparatively Speaking: Top Note vs. Middle and Bottom Notes

When describing fragrances, it is common to see references to the top, middle and bottom notes. Tony O’Lenick asked industry expert Steve Herman: What’s the difference?

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