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Fragrancing Sun Care Products

Outdoor, indoor and self-tanning products have different usage profiles, thus fragrancing each product type has special considerations with respect to the overall fragrance structure and the types of characters that work best. The present article reviews fragrance structure and discusses specific considerations for each product type to assist formulators in designing successful sun care products.

Wise Words from the Bench with Jean-Jaques Étienne, PhD

Some might consider olfaction solely the job of perfumers, but Jean-Jaques Étienne, PhD, believes it to be the job of perfumers as well as formulators.

Global Perfume and Fragrance Market Growing

GIA predicts market to reach $36 billion by 2017

Patchouli Oil

Ultra International B.V.'s flavor material offers a warm, woody odor.

Comparatively Speaking: Natural vs. Synthetic Fragrance

In this "Comparatively Speaking," Tony O'Lenick refers to Ed Matson to explain the difference between a natural fragrance and a synthetic fragrance, explaining the formulating advantages of using both.

Bell Names Top 10 Fragrances for 2012

Bell Flavors & Fragrances has announced its Top Ten Fragrances for 2012. These fragrance trends can serve the cosmetic formulator as inspiration for product development or as a guide for future fragrance selection.

Bell Announces Flavor, Fragrance Trends for 2012

Predicts top flavors and fragrance notes that will influence products in the coming year

What Every Formulator Needs to Know About Fragrance

This overview of the types of problems encountered when fragrancing personal care products discusses issues of stability, solubility, color change and compatibility of fragrance and product ingredients.

Speaking the Fragrance Language

because fragrance is a subjective experience, how can a formulator translate a marketing concept into objective terms to incorporate it in a finished product? To investigate, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine attended a recent fragrance workshop, hosted by Bell Fragrances & Flavors, and learned about the Seven Olfactive Fragrance Families

Comparatively Speaking: Universal vs. Cultural Scent Interpretation

Tony O'Lenick Jr. asks industry expert Steve Herman to briefly describe the differences between cultural and universal odor interpretations to assist product developers in choosing fragrances for formulas.

Comparatively Speaking: Fragrances in Nonpolar Bases vs. Water-based Systems

In this week's edition of Comparatively Speaking, Tony O'Lenick asks fragrance expert Steve Herman to explain how fragrances may be incorporated into nonpolar bases vs. water-based systems.

DfE Fragrances Developed for Eco-friendly Hand Soaps

J&E Sozio Inc. has developed a line of fragrances that follow the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Design for the Environment (DfE) program, to enable personal care formulators to create hand soaps that meet eco-friendly labeling standards.

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